Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 21

The Hen House

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2006 on CBS

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  • Love and the Netherlands

    First of all, I loved this episode, except for one, recurring, annoying thing. This Anton/Noah may be from Holland, his accent is definitely not Dutch. It's more eastern-European like. Neither Johanna's accent is Dutch. The accent of the old Johanna is more like French or something like that, and I can't place it of the young Johanna.

    It is also a pity the Dutch guy is either bad or crazy.
  • Taking characters from major historical events gives Cold Case an edge.

    Even though we suspected earlyon that we had a Nazi hiding out in America, the plot works. Tying a plot to history lends credibility to the story. Not only that, it also provides some context for people who may not be familiar with WWII. Seeing the concentration camp numbers burned onto the German woman's arm is a sober reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust. The eager young reporter was well played and another example of how the storyline provides insight for younger viewers who may not be aware of how different it was for women working more than fifty years ago. It was great seeing Peter Graves again too.
  • Before a newspaper closes it's doors, an employee finds a note for a meeting the same night and place that a woman writer is found murdered in 1945.

    Lo Kinney was a newspaper writer who wanted to write about more than "what women want to hear", making her quite a few enemies along the way. On July 17, 1945, she was pushed in front of a train. At first it was believed to be a purse jacking murder, but with the new evidence the suspect quickly turns to her fellow employees to her boyfriend.

    I loved this episode. Once again, there's an episode that goes back in time and this one actually reaches back to history. It reminded me of "Factory Girls", in which another tragedy occurs because of the war. It's nice to see how these events not only impacted the people who experienced them, but also the people around them.

    I really felt bad for Lo. She was obviously a very talented writer and she never got to live long enough for things to change and her to finally be recognized by the brillant work she did.

    Yet another episode beautifully done that should not be over-looked.
  • war episode

    The team reopens the 1945 case of a female reporter who was pushed in front of a train when a member of the newspaper she was working for (which is now closing due to the fact that more and more people get their news online; like today) finds a long-lost letter indictating she was meeting someone the night she died. This episode was perfect. The music (old, but good esp. the ending song) fit the episode, the plot (female reporter years ahead of her time and the love-story-with a twist, of course) was excellent and the fact that Noah (victim's lover) was really a Nazi-officer who part took in the Holocaust and fled Europe after, taking the identity of a painter who, for lack of a better word, "entertained" the Nazis before he was killed in a concentration camp was a great but sad twist. And then Jo (the victim) found out and he accidentally killed her (at the train station) because of it. Overall: 10/10
  • Another war story reminds me of one done in the past. I really like episodes that show world history such as this one. I recommend it. Its about the murder of a female reporter in the 1940s.

    Lo (victim) was a fiesty reporter not interested in writing fluff. This leads to her butting heads with another woman writer and male collegue who can't write his own stories. One of her stories was about a holocaust survivor, Noah Poole. As she learns more about his life, she begins developing feelings for him. There are basically 3 suspects. What the murderer did was sick & in my opinion can never be forgiven. If I were the killer, I would have nightmares for the rest of my life. I could write more but don't want to give it away. I think this s/l is realistic & I'm sure happened for real.
  • What if you find the love of your live, but his past is against all your believing?.

    I did love this episode!. First, Lo (the Victim) was a carreer girl in the 40's. Way ahead of her time. Interested in more than just cook. She did advice the women to stand for their rights and because and advice she met a sweet man and she fell in love with him.
    At first when he met him her interest was only professional, but the history of Noah was a hero's. How he could escape from the Nazi. Then Lo found a woman who knwe Noah from the Camp, and told her he died there.
    At this point started our victims debate. But she was clearly minded from the beginning, started and article about the nazis and having one of them among theirs. She was so brave and faithful to her believes. And she was right when she said to Anton she was in love with NOAH.
    In real live could someone give up happines for someone's past?
  • Good episode

    Pretty good episode. The Nazi WWII angle was great. A female reporter ahead of her time was a great subplot. The crazy blond woman was a bad red herring though. It was interesting how they tied in the WWII war crime in with the murder of the female reporter. Although I thought everyone should have been a lot older than they were.