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Cold Case

Season 2 Episode 4

The House

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2004 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The House
When human remains are found outside a former state prison, the team re-opens the 1968 case of a dead inmate, murdered on the night Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Concert was broadcast to prisons throughout the country. However, when it's revealed that the bones don't belong to the person everyone had assumed, the team must start the probe anew by first identifying who the victim was.moreless

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  • Great episode, great storyline, mystery ending

    Prison life back then was not easy. Prisoners weren't treated right, were abused by the authority. Everybody tried to be obedient, except for Hank, who just had to try to escape repeatedly to meet his sweetheart and tell her he loved her. Sort of stupid; he was in only for two years but trying to escape prison twice made it twenty, but he just couldn't seem to help himself. And tragedy strikes at the end - his prisoner friend (released earlier) Johnny helps him escape via an old escape tunnel, but Johnny also falls in love with Hank's girl, and tries to kill Hank for her, who in self-defense kills Johnny instead. The two lovers make pretend that Johnny's body is Hank's, which has the police fooled at first, but they are actually "married" and living together. At the end, I was confused whether the two were actually arrested, or if Rush had let them go; the two are depicted as fishing together, but that may be one of the usual Cold Case endings, but then Rush looks out at a couple getting on a motorbike, probably having her reminisce of her hard-boiled romance in the past which she mentions in the episode. Oh well, leave the ending to the imagination, I guess. It was a bit funny to find Valens afraid of the haunted prison, but I think his seeing Johnny in front of the prison at the end reconciles his fears.moreless
  • A former prisoner\\\'s bones were found in a sand tunnel. Initially he was reported as murdered and it was unsolved. Now,these bones in the very same uniform of the prisoner are found. Detective soon realize that things aren't what they seem.moreless

    In this episode, the detectives are called to an old closed prison. There is where the apparant bones of a prisoner is found in what looks like an escape attempt gone wrong. The prisoner was incarcirated for stealing a pair of shoes for the woman he loves. He was given 2 years initally but gained 18 more from a crude prison overseer for trying to escape. Johnny Cash visits the prison to give a conert, and the prisoner is dragged out for "unruly " behaviour( he was enjoying himself dancing). He is put in solitude or the nurses quarters but then appears to have been murdered. Or so the guards story went. So how is his bones found in this tunnel of escape if he was already buried as a murder victim? His love for his sweetheart never stopped him from trying to get out and tried he did and succeeded. A good but predictable twist.

    This was an excellent episode. Towards the end, I began to realize just what happened to that prisoner. A story about surival and determination powered by love and devotion for one woman. Scandals, cover ups,betrayl and ultimately contentment.moreless
  • think you know it all

    I really enjoyed this episode. The part I enjoyed the most was actually finding out that the dead guy Hank wasn't actually the dead guy. If this episode is an example of what prisons were like in the 60s then ouch they were fierce. I really liked the acting in this episode. Hank and Bobbi must have lived a weird life after Hank broke out of jail. He couldn't tell anyone who he was so if they stayed around and then how come the cops never arrested him. As per usual Rush, Scotty and the rest of the team did what they do best.moreless
  • If Hanks is dead, then who killed him, or is he dead?

    I absolutely loved this episode. There were so many twists and turns. I was a fan of Hank through the entire episode and at first I was man that the girl he was escaping jail for ended up with another guy, and afterwards the team are investigated who had the most against Hank. Was the prison guard who's business he put out out all over the prison via the intercom, or was it the warden who stabbed Hank with a fork, shot at him, broke his fingers with pliers that left Hank for dead in an underground tunnel right outside the jail? Well after an examination of the bones, they find out it NOT Hank!! Now they have to figure out where is Hank and who is missing? So I absolutely love this show. This kinda made up for me missing the new episode due to CBS been off on their programming, and I believe its better than Law & Order @ this point. So tune in to see whether Hank is really dead and who the bones belong to because its a really great story.moreless
  • Folsom County Prison!

    The remaining bones of a prisoner are found and the Cold Case squad know they aren't the bones of the inmate

    They think that they know. What is wierd is that the bones were found in the concert of Johnny Cash back in the late fifties to early sixties.

    Now they must find out who the victim is as they are not the prisoner's bones!
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Seamus Dever

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