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Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 2

The Promise

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Promise
Lilly re-opens the case of young girl, an overweight college freshman named Laurie, who died in a fraternity house fire in 2004. The fire was deemed accidental at the time, but a cell phone photo e-mailed from the girl's phone just moments before her death prompts a closer examination.moreless

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  • A young girl who is overweight is taken advantage of and abused like a piece of trash by the "cool crowd". Of course, in the end everyone suffers and nothing is accomplished.moreless

    This episode features a tragedy; possibly one of societies worst.

    How many "Columbines" have to happen before this type of behavior is stopped? I think that is a point this episode is trying to make but is anyone listening except for anyone who has been a victim?

    I hope that a show with this kind of sensitivity isn't being ignored because it might be considered too "emo". But then again, "emo" has always been underrated, especially when it's trying to make a valid point about society when that society is just too callous to care.

    Do you need to look in the mirror? Can you face that challenge?moreless
  • After a father finds a photo of his daughter being attacked, it leads him to believe that the 2004 death of his daughter was not accidental.

    This episode was the first episode that I saw that made me think 'Man this so is great. I gotta see more of this'. It was sad not only to see how the poor girl died at the end, but to see the torment brought upon her that she must have faced most of her life. I can hardly keep myself from crying when it shows what she went through before she died. Everytime I watch the ending, I get tears in my eyes.

    This episode lacks nothing. It shows that even after 3 seasons, these writers still know what they're doing. It was sad to see what the frat boys did to the girls, especially Laurie. I felt bad fro Laurie because her best friend betrayed her for those clowns, but in the end, their friendship made it much more sad.

    It's one of the saddest episodes of the series, a must see for sure!moreless
  • My first ever cold case episode

    I caught this episode of cold case one night and I was hooked straight away, I have since watched every episode from season 1 onwards. I thought this was so brilliantly done, the way the story came out and how strong the main character was - I thought she acted it brilliantly and you really felt for everyone involved, especially her father and the best friend. Everything about this episode is why I love cold case, the way the crime is always committed for a complicated reason, nothing is ever straight forward in cold case and the murders are often committed by people who love the victim. awesome stuff, and it made me cry!!moreless
  • One of my favorite so far...

    This one was a real tear jerker. It was amazing that even was able to watch the show as my eyes were filled with tears. This one really hits home for me. I spent all my life being an overweight person and have experienced first hand the cruelty of kids, the teasing, the jokes, the games, the sounds, the nicknames etc. I've had times where I've felt much like the character just wanting to be accepted (although I've gotten over that). I've felt like that group of girls too, wanting to harm those who teased and taunted or sometimes wanting to hurt myself. Luckily I never had to expereince as cruel a joke as Laurie did but I admired her courage to stand up to all those bastards. Unfortunately she died for it. It's also sad that these people who do the teasing as kids never grow up and still do it as adults and even senior citizens (like the older gentleman, i think he was like the mayor or some important figure)moreless
  • Emo to the max

    This is why I love Cold Case. Less of the main characters lives (apart from Lilly cause she\'s emo-tarded and all messed up!) but more about the show. This was really emotional. Usually I sit and watch these shows on my own cause I get so emo but with this I couldn\'t so I held back tears. That\'s how good it is.

    It\'s a story line that\'s been done 100 times before: fat chicks, stud guys = bullying. But never have I seen it done as well as this.

    If there\'s one thing I didn\'t like about the ep was the music score. Here without you baby was an awesome selection but the ending music could have been alot better.moreless

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