Cold Case

Season 4 Episode 11

The Red and the Blue

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on CBS
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The Red and the Blue
When Jeffries' former partner comes forth with new evidence of the 2000 murder of a country singer, Lilly must travel to Knoxville, Tennessee with the reluctant Scotty in tow.

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  • Counting my lucky stars tonight

    I have to admit I loved this episode more than most as I love country music, it opens with Tim M. 's Just to see you smile, and its country all the way from there. I especially loved the song Counting my lucky stars which was played through the episode. If you love country music and / or cold case you should see this episode. The story was very good, it takes place at Christmas which adds to the tearjerking!! I must admit the names were a bit over the top, honey sugar was one of them!! But on the whole it was very watchable.moreless
  • Really bothered by Nashville References

    I guess I can be a stickler for details, but I was really bothered by the depiction of Nashville. First of all, the panoramic view of Nashville did not seem to be the city at all; the skyline lacked the "Bat Tower", the AT&T Building. And a police chief who allows himself to be called "Big Daddy" seems a stretch. My wife, who has lived in Nashville practically all of her life, never heard of a restaurant called "The Running Pig". There is an excellent Catfish restaurant called Cock of the Walk that I was taken to by her family several years ago.moreless
  • A great episode. Loved they storyline and loved the Lilly and Scotty moments.

    This episode was great and I loved it. The Lilly and Scotty moment was sweet and I liked how she opened up to him about nearly getting married. It seemed like Scotty didn't want Lilly to leave and thats why he kept talking to her. The Lone Wolf talk was interesting and the Whate Happens In Nashville Stays In Nashville was hilarious. I liked the storyline line of this episode it had me guessing and it was really sad. Kathryn Morris did a great job on acting as well as Danny Pino. Very good. Great job producers and writers. Keep it upmoreless
  • When the gun that killed a man in 2000 is found, Lilly re-opens the case of the murdered country singer.

    Truck Sugar was a country singer in "The Sugar Boys". All he wanted to do was become a big country star. Him and his band go to Philadelphia to play show. He ends up getting killed that night, shot dead outside the place he played at.

    Eh, country music is just not my thing. That's probably why I didn't really like this episode. Until the end, that it is.

    It was just too slow moving. I mean, nothing happened. All of the flashback events took place that night, perhaps that's why there was just nothing going on. There was no action and nothing really emotional. It did show a lot about the guy's personality, but everything was there was just nothing to it.

    I kind of see this episode as the writers wanting to make a country episode so they just scrambled this together. Definitely doesn't live up to Cold Case standards.moreless
  • Lovely LS Bit! =D

    I never managed to see this whole episode but because I'm a Lilly/Scotty shipper I was so happy to see the small corridor scene!!

    It was so cute when Scotty was completely embarassed at being caught with Charlene and they also bonded quite a bit here. I was pleased to see them at least venturing into friendship because I hate when they are arguing although it adds to the obvious tension! =P

    Both Kathryn and Danny were very in character but they showed a little of their own personalty too and I really liked that. On top of that, it wasn't all work related. There was a bit of fun there too which I really liked! Overall great, fun and cute episode!moreless
Danny Pino

Danny Pino

Scotty Valens

Jeremy Ratchford

Jeremy Ratchford

Det. Nick Vera

John Finn

John Finn

Lt. John Stillman

Kathryn Morris

Kathryn Morris

Det. Lilly Rush

Thom Barry

Thom Barry

Det. Will Jeffries

Tracie Thoms

Tracie Thoms

Kat Miller (Episodes 3.13+; recurring previously)

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    • Scotty: When were you ever in Knoxville?
      Lilly: When I was 19. Almost got hitched there.
      Scotty: No kiddin'.
      Lilly: I drove by the courthouse yesterday... just to see it again.
      Scotty: Y'know my theory about, uh, getting married?
      Lilly: Yeah?
      Scotty: It just may not be on the cards for us.
      Lilly: Why not?
      Scotty: We're cops. Every good cop I know is a lone wolf.
      Lilly: Yeah, I've noticed that, too.
      Scotty: So?
      Lilly: So... maybe all we're gonna have in life are... Charlenes.
      Scotty: Not that Charlenes are so bad.

    • Lilly: Oh, you're just cheap Christmas trash, aren't you?
      Scotty: Southern people are just so... friendly?
      Lilly: And you didn't want to come to Tennessee.
      Scotty: Look, Lil, how 'bout we make a pact here?
      Lilly: What happens is Nashville stays in Nashville?
      Scotty: Exactly that.
      Lilly: (tapping him on the shoulder) Scotty Valens. Back in the saddle.

    • Charlene: Oh, hi there, Detective Rush.
      Lilly: Uh, hi there, Charlene.
      Scotty: (buttoning his shirt) We were just... uh...
      Charlene: Oh, I was just pushing off so... g'night now.
      Scotty: Uh, yeah, g'night.

    • Ed Garrett: (holding up a gun) Know what this is, folks?
      Det. Jeffries: Besides the obvious?

    • Kat Miller: Tennessee? Ain't that a red state?
      Will Jeffries: I try to stay north of the Mason-Dixon.
      Nick Vera: I ain't got a belt buckle big enough for that world.

    • Kylie: That Truck was a looker. I'd never take out someone fine as him.
      Kat Miller: Tight alibi.

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