Cold Case

Season 3 Episode 22

The River

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on CBS

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  • New witness shows up, case re-opened, that's how it goes in 'Cold Case' people!

    What a case. Beautiful episode! I honestly had lost all my faith in 'doc' and then, at the end... I'm not going to reveal it off course, I was just dumbfounded (but in a positive way then) You have to see this episode, it is absolutely stunning. Jeffries and the Japanse squirrel : ) It's always nice to have a bit humour in this otherwise rather dark show. There's one thing I disapproved, and that's Scotty...Is he seriously getting away with this? Scotty just beat the crap out of a guy because he was watching little boys, which is -I gotta admit- scary and creepy and reminds me of paedophilia. But does that give him the right to beat him up? I don't think so. . If Scotty is punished, okay, then I'll delete this all, but I haven't seen anything of that (yet) so I'm free to say what I want, right? It's just a tv-show but it says a lot about people who can't restrain themselves when necessary and moreover that you can never take the law in your own hands! That's medieval. And I hope Cold Case teaches us a lesson there, because it is simply not allowed to do whatever you want to do! I don(t hate Scotty, don't get me wrong; but he is way out of line.
  • Very deep episode (especially the ending)

    I've been recording episodes of Cold Case on TNT over the last 2 months or so and this episode I've watched maybe 10 times, and I'll watch it 10 more times with anyone willing to watch it with me. Everyone knows the endings Cold Case are it's signature, but the last 10 minutes of this episode, starting with the interrogation scene, are epic. As soon as Lily grabs the green luck charm and asks Cy where he got it from, you knew it was on!!! And the way Cy went from defensive to coaxing himself that life behind bars wouldn't be all that much different than the life he was leading. And to finish with the Asia song and while Valens was beating the crap out of the pedofile, was perfect.
  • A witness comes forwad saying she saw a man wearing a doctor's cap shoot a man in 1984.

    Grant Bowen was a highly respected doctor with a secret is shot dead in an alley in August 1984. At the time, the detectives believed it was a homeless man, but now with a new witness, the investigation quickly turns to his friends and family.

    It was an okay episode, but it didn't definitely didn't live up to the standards I expect from a Cold Case episode. It was a bit boring. It was all about Grant's issues with being addicted to gambling and about how it ruin all of the aspects of his life, but that was really all we got to know about him. I mean, you'd think an episode gooing in so deep about an addiction would have a bit more emotion and excitement to it, but nope.
  • A witness steps forward with information about the murder of a beloved ER Doctor, and Father.

    A great episode, full of strong emotions, character development, and team bonding. It was nice to see the team "Gel" in this episode, you see them work together so often, and see them work together so well, but in this episode you feel it, the chemistry is magic. And the writers mixed in the comedy to perfection, with the "Flying Squirrel", and the "Do you have to say it like that", it was cute. We follow the near perfect Doctor, Husband, Father, and discover he has a dark secret weakness, he is addicted to gambling, poker, which led to the discovery of a dark secret. The more they ask around, the more they discover several people that had several reasons.
    And we get to see Scotty in his element away from the team, protecting those in need, and in true Scotty fashion he went a bit aggressive, but no one should doubt he was right.
    In the end it was friendship, twisted as it may be, that was strongest.
  • What is one’s life worth? And what is happening to Det. Valens?

    Lilly and her team investigate the murder of an ER doctor that occurred in 1984. It turns out that our doctor was a gambler on the verge of ruining everything he worked hard for: carrier, family’s future and the admiration of his son, a future doctor.

    One of the saddest episodes of the 3rd season! The question this evening was mostly: what do you do when your ability to take reasonable decisions is compromised? When a turn of life is about good or bad luck, right or wrong cards in hand, one turns back and looks what is left and what is to come. What is one’s life worth? What happens when one hits rock bottom? Can we make up for the ones who once trusted us?

    On the sideline, we discover yet another dark side in Det. Valens personality when he takes action against a potential pedophile.
  • As always a new lead comes to the office and the team reopens a murder from '80s that involved a succesful ER doctor.

    What a great plot.
    The music was awesome.
    As always a new lead comes to the office and the team reopens a murder from '80s that involved a succesful ER doctor. Then when they are digging in his past they found the doctor's addiction to gambling.
    It was so sad to see a brilliant carreer ruined by an addiction. He even stole from his patients relative. I guess that was when he notice he hit bottom and figure it how to solve it.
    I really like the Supporting Scotty to Kat, but his reaction to the kids stalker has to be related with some event happen to him, because it was so outrageous.
    At the end, despite who killed him, the doctor was trying to emmend his life.
  • Great writing and acting

    A doctor has been murdered as the team tries to
    Find out why he was murdered. And that he has been
    So popular. Great acting and writing and also loved
    It when Scotty beat up an inmate so badly after what
    The inmate did! The inmate was so mean and got his
    Just desserts if you ask me. Love the 80's music to
    Go with the show!
  • Cheesy dialogue

    The whole plot of this story was bad. A successful doctor with an alcoholic father getting hooked on cards was stupid. The only character that aged up was the Asian woman. The wife did not look old enough in the past and the present. And the reason behind the murder was retarded.
  • The morphing from past to present was especially effective with the doctor\'s wife. It captured the essence of her as a young woman.

    This episode was engaging. Here we had a doctor with a gambling problem and several people who might have had motive to kill him. It\'s plausible that the doc, in his desperation, would resort to having someone kill him to provide an out for him and an insurance policy for his survivors. I did find some of the dialogue a bit stilted in the last 20 minutes or so (groanable, actually). When this type of lapse in good dialogue occurs, I often wonder if someone just got too heavy-handed with editing and changed the orginal script -- too many spoons in the pot. Overall, the acting, despite the dialogue problems, held up.