Cold Case

Season 7 Episode 12

The Runaway Bunny

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2010 on CBS

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  • Straight out of a film noir detective story and I loved it. Amazing ending, where the femme fatal, now an a wealthy, proud older lady, with mischievous eyes, winks at the detectives as she walks out in triumph.

    I am not usually a fan of this show, but with this stylish fun episode I might change my mind. The one big problem with this show is the constant boo-hoo tearjerk attempts to prove that the privileged people are all murderous, corrupt bullies. Especially when they are younger then 15. If you see a kid in a prep school uniform run! And the show never tires of pounding our heads about how sad it is to be female, or a person of color, or a transgendered individual. I have nothing against these viewpoints myself. I just don't really find them entertaining. So what a relief that we finally have a show thats stylish, fun, and where the law never prevails! I also like the fact that Lilly is so obviously losing it in her completely illegal attempt to harass a person using her job as a means to do so. I am sure it will blow up in her face. Or at least i hope so. Her holier then thou attitude never worked well for me, and maybe a change would do her and the show a lot of good. I wonder if the concept of innocent until proven guilty bothers real cops?
  • A Weak ending to this episode

    John Finn ( John Stillman), directed this episode, as well.

    The storyline was a good one had a lot of symbolism to it uses of the color red. It made you have compassion for the victim; Harry. However the ending is starting to get boring, having a spur of the moment anger to kill someone that's going to leave you behind. As for the personal stuff, it's starting to get out of hand with Lilly and Moe. The storyline needs to come to a conclusion STAT!. It's been dragged out way too many episodes. While this is going on Vera is hungover and appears to be drinking due to his health crisis scare ( forensics). Scotty's still dealing with finding his mother's mugger.

    All an all I gave this a 7.0- it would have been better if the motive at the end was a tad bit different.
  • WOW!!

    I'm sitting here trying to elaborate on WOW!! and am having a hard time finding the words. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and all I can say is "watch it!"

    Brian Howe does a simply wonderful job playing Harry Denton, a private investigator and former vice officer who was dismissed from the force for taking payoffs. Harry disappeared 35 years ago and given his past, not much effort was made to find him. The discovery of his body under the foundation of a building prompts the team to investigate.

    They learn that Harry's last job was helping a woman find her runaway daughter, Bunny, who intimately turned up dead in a fiery car crash two days before Harry was killed, and a whole host of people who were involved in various aspects of that case are now suspects. It turns out that Harry did find the girl and helped her in a very surprising way. In a touching scene, Bunny asks him why he helped her and he tells her that he's made bad decisions and took wrong turns, and that helping someone instead of taking their money 'feels pretty good.'

    I don't like to put spoilers into reviews, so it's hard to find a way to talk about the conclusion in which the murderer is caught and another individual with a worst past than the murderer's walks away. Bob Dylan's Forever Young is a perfect song for the conclusion.

    Having faith, I was left with a sense that everything that could be done was done. Harry turned his life around and left on a good note performing a heroic act that ultimately cost him his life. The murderer was caught and others whose lives were touched by Harry moved on remembering him fondly. As for the one who walked away, they got away with it on earth but God isn't fooled, and that is most comforting. The storylines featuring Lily & Moe Kitchener and Valens & his parents are also nicely progressed in this episode.