Cold Case

Season 2 Episode 23

The Woods

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 22, 2005 on CBS
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The Woods
The discovery of nine human skulls leads Rush (Kathryn Morris) back to George Marks, the serial killer she was unable to incriminate months earlier, and who walked away a free man. As the detectives reinvestigate his mother's murder from 1972, George is forced to emerge from hiding to face Rush again. This time, their very lives are at stake in their final showdown.moreless

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  • Maybe the best episode of the series.

    I'm a huge fan of "Cold Case" since I starded watching it in the summer of 2004. I'm watching the 5th season nowadays but I think if I had to choose only one episode, maybe I would chose this one. Ok, it was clear that nothing was going to hapen to Lilly, but what a nerve-wracking hour I spent when I watch this for the first time. on "Mindhunters" they couldn't catch George but this time he was not going to runaway after what he did. Kathryn Morris did an incredible performance in this episode. I loved the last shot, when The Who's "Behing Blue Eyes" sounds and we see the fragile child Lilly who becomes the strong adult Lilly.moreless
  • After finding the nine skulls in the back of George Marks'(Mind Hunters) childhood home, Lilly reopens the 1972 case of his mother while tracking to track this serial killer.

    It was nice to see the case of the hunter finally coming to a close. The Mind Hunter episode was one of the ones I felt the most emotion for. I really wanted to see them put that guy to rest.

    Although, the episode was different than most Cold Case episodes. It seemed they really wanted to add some extra action and scare you a little with this episode for May's sweeps. It was a bit too over-dramatic for my tastes. I thought it was kind of annoying. It's not what Cold Case is about, but it was kind of pleasant to see Lilly get into a tough spot. Just because she works cold cases doesn't mean she doesn't have to face trouble. At least that's what this episode was saying.

    I think overall though, it was a good episode, albeit a bit over the top. But you should definitely check it out if you enjoyed the Mind Hunters episode.moreless
  • This is a must watch episode for any Cold Case fan. In it we learn about Lilly while she is trying to catch the serial killer that got away in a previous episode.moreless

    The serial killer guy in the episode (George) is really creepy. His voice, his looks & his behaviour gave me chills (means he was a good actor). We learn from his childhood what drove him to brutally kill his female victims. We also learn what his mother was like & how that made him who he is. Through conversations with Lilly & an inmate the team is given hints that they must figure out before it is too late. The scenes were dark & the music fit the mood. We see a vulnerable emotional side to Lilly that we've naver seen before. Excellent acting. A really great ending to season 2.moreless
  • Nine heads lead to one suspect and in the end we will learn new things about Rush.

    A somewhat dark and sinister episode which revolves around a man named George - someone who has already once been a suspect in one of the earlier episodes of Cold Case.

    George lost his mother as a young boy and the murder of his mother is yet to be solved. George clearly was a troubled person already as a young boy as it is revealed that he in fact was the one who pulled the trigger and killed his mother. Later in life George tried to relive that moment of murdering his mother by finding new victims. Finally he spots Rush and picks her as his next victim. The story gets interesting as George gets Rush to open up and tell about her past. She didn't have a happy childhood either...moreless
  • The heads of the 9 victims from a previous episode are discovered, helping close the only unsolved case in the history of the show. This was also the first episode (part one was) that dealt with multiple time periods.moreless

    I actually didn't see part one of this episode until last night. I love Cold Case, but it is on Sunday Nights at 7:00 and for a while I was working 3-11. I would tape almost all of them, but I must have missed the first half of this one.

    I did enjoy both halves of the episode. It kind of creeped me out how much he (Billingsely) knew about everybody else. The way he was saying that Lily was "just like him" was compelling.

    The thing I like most, as has been brought up by others, is that I hate cliffhangers, and this didn't end with one. I had just watched "Crossing Jordan" and here Woody lays in a Hospital bed. I was so afraid, when I heard the shots that were fired at the end of Cold Case, that they would roll the credits without showing who got shot. Fortunately, they did it right.

    Excelent job. Excelent show. Excelent series.moreless
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Chet Grissom

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