Cold Case

Season 5 Episode 5

Thick As Thieves

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • Really great episode once again!

    An unidentified comatose woman who was that way for eighteen years as they prove that this woman was no angel and had a bad past indeed. Meanwhile, Scotty tries to find the rat that sold him out to Internal Affairs. And if you mess with Scotty, you better hope and pray that he doesn't break your ribs. Lily still is having trouble with the shooting and that it has affected her all this year. But that is what you call character development. The new ADA Thomas I like as she is tough but sympathetic as she and Scotty would make a really great couple of Scotty couldn't have Lily. Vera is a funny guy and is the show's comic relief amid a dark show!
  • good episode...

    The team investigates a woman that was shot 18 years ago and recently died from complications of the shooting; she was basically a vegetable for 18 years. In the end, it turned out to be her son's girlfriend that shot her so that the victum's son could be with her. The case in this episode was interesting and the guest characters were interesting also. I really liked the character of Spenser. The whole drama with Scotty is getting on my nerves though. I just want him to get fired or something. He's getting annoying. Overall, this was a good episode because of the case.
  • An unidentified comatose woman dies in a local hospital where she has been since she was shot in the head in October of 1989. A look into her past by Lilly and the team reveals the woman is no angel. Meanwhile Dan and Lilly struggle with personal issues

    "Thick as Thieves" is the best episode of the current season so far. This episode is well written and entertaining on every level. The storyline of this episode is very compelling and keeps the viewer hooked until the very end. What I also liked about this episode is the look into Dan and Lilly's personal problems. It's always a good thing to have a look into the lives of the main characters of the show as long as it doesn't get into the way of the story. In "Thick as Thieves" it is done just right. A very good episode.
  • Cold Case gives us another compelling and entertaining story to watch. Top awards go to the writers for introducing professional grifting into a storyline. Love the tension it was half way through before we learned that the grift team was

    Cold Case gives us another compelling and entertaining story to watch. Top awards go to the writers for introducing professional grifting into a storyline. Love the tension it was half way through before we learned that the grift team was mother and son. It was terrible to think the son would even consider killing his mother he didn't pull the trigger but set up the situation. Finally Scotty continues down the spiral of his IAB investigation and is having a purely sexual relationship with the DA. Nice solid episode enjoyed every minute of it oh and last but not least. Old Valera steals the show with a bad grifting uncle that guy is amazing.
  • Lilly and the team unvestigate the death of a Jane Doe who died after being in a coma for 18 years. Also Scotty attempts to get to the bottom of who turned him into the Internal Affairs Department and Lilly is having nightmares about the shooting.

    Overall I loved this episode. It had lots of turns and kept me guessing right up to the end. I enjoyed seeing how Scotty was dealing with Internal Affairs because I really want to know who turned him in. Although I didn't like ADA Thomas in the beginning, I feel she may be something good for Scotty. She is very head-strong and stubborn which reminds me a lot of Lilly. I enjoyed the stakeout a lot aswell because Vera was so funny! He cracks me up everytime I watch him. His natural ability to make the viewers laugh is, what I think, got all the watchers through the darker episodes. Overall great episode!
  • This is your pimp and prositute relationship between parent and child. However, the mother and son are doing it in the "REal World" instead of a home environment (mother and father); mother controls child making up stories and lies about people and life.

    Fun part about this is how much they con each other as well as the "world". Eventually, conning each other is what kills them; they are each other pawns to survive upon. Mother lies with the insurance promise and her love for the son while the son lies about his new love and the freedom she brings. Son just couldn't walk away from both. I like how the show brought mental togetherness of the detectives through common sense in handling a difficult case. Everyone was involved not just Lilly through the dialogues and body angles. It was a team effort in getting this case done. Great show!
  • a little different

    This is a little different than the usual. The victim died days before but the interesting is that she has been in a coma for 18 years. She was found shot by a policeman.
    Her name was Margo Chambers and she was a con artist. She had a son, Spencer, and they were a team.
    Now that she died the team starts to investigate...
    They start the background check and find out a lot, they had more than 3 different names and always worked in country clubs.

    After the last scam, Spencer wanted out he liked a girl. Margo had a plan, fake her death and that girl really looked like her. The plan was make an insurance policy and then kill the girl. The plan backfires when Spencer and the girl turn on Margo. The girl shots Margo and Spencer disappears...
    Later they find out that Margo was still alive, the insurance policy expired 3 years before her death.

    The team catches the bad guys.