Cold Case

Season 5 Episode 1

Thrill Kill

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2007 on CBS

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  • West Memphis Three

    Once i saw this i automatically thought of the West Memphis Three. One of the three, Damian Echols actually came to my College and gave a talk. It was cool to have him talk about his experience. I always find it interesting when shows base episodes off real events.
  • The Power of Fear: Lilly reopens the case of three children who were murdered after one of the people convicted hangs himself in prison. She unconvers more evidence that the boys may have been framed. But who is the real murderer?

    Despite being mildly cheesy and contrived, this episode was a pretty good look at how society can be whipped into a frenzy, and how the desire to restore normalacy can sometimes lead to corner cutting. The revelation that it was the seemingly normal father of one of the victims who is the real killer nails the point home well; a lot of the time the psychopaths and monsters are people who seem perfectly normal. While the kid who was convicted is free, it's bittersweet in a way. He was in prison for thirteen years, and won't be getting those years back. Plus it ultimately took his friend killing himself to get people to listen and reopen the case. Just how many people who were wrongfully convicted because of hysteria are still in there? Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the kid who was convicted sued the Jackass cop who put him in there. I know I would.
  • This episode is loosely based on the West Memphis Three (Google it) three wrongfully convicted guys in Arkansas who, unfortunately, have not been the beneficiaries of a good team of police investigators.

    This episode is loosely based on the West Memphis Three (Google it) three wrongfully convicted guys in Arkansas who, unfortunately, have not been the beneficiaries of a good team of police investigators. The acting in the episode is excellent. For those of us who have followed the WM3 for many years, it is chilling to watch this. It departs from the case its based on, but has many of the same elements. The probable actual killer was the stepfather of one of the kids and his wife found a pocketknife in the stepfather's drawer that the child "always" had with him.

    For anyone interested, there is a great yuku board on the case.
  • very well done...portrayed the influence of the episode well. music matched the real life case very well.

    Back in 2003, i researched a case about 3 teens wrongfully accused of murdering 3 kids in west memphis, arkansas. All signs pointed towards the step father. The music matched the episode well, should have been the music based on the actual case though.

    This episode which was very identical to the aspects of the case brought the trial back in the main stream media to light and i hope with the relevance that this episode brought forth...we can get some more supporters in bringing justice to the case and freedom to damian echols and company.

    "free the west memphis three"

    thank you
  • glad to see Lilly back

    This episode not only had a great storyline but it also had a great chracter development storyline. I feel sorry for rush because she knows that everyone feels that she shouldn't be back at work and that she can't handle work after the shooting. I ound this episode quite saddening to watch. It was just a shame that one of the two teenagers convicted had to kill himself before he was proven innocent. It must have been diificult for Henry Raymes to live all those years knowing what he did and knowing that 2 innocent people were in jail for a crime they didn't commit. Great stuff.
  • somewhat predictable storyline, but great study of society and what people want to believe; Lilly still suffers from recent trauma ---- features awesome music by Nirvana

    I have to say this episode really swept me off my feet, especially as I didn´t expect much, not because I think the writing often is bad but they had an columbine-like episode with teenage killers and I didn´t particularly enjoy it.

    About this one, I personally pretty much believed from the beginning both guys were innocent as I saw no motive ("thrill kill"?-you must be very messed up for something like that) and Teddy´s profile didn´t seem to fit and about Dylan - my gut told me he might be mentally not entirely healthy but he´s not a murderer, especially not three young boys for no reason.
    But despite that it was an intriguing episode, especially as we got something to learn her.
    Society needs a scapegoat and that issue has been brought on in other tv shows but it is so important, that I say "bring that on, bring that on".
    Someone needs to be held accountable, needs to pay for the damage and in the relatives´and also the peoples´ despair it doesn´t really matter who.
    Often people who experience tragedies like accidents, an illness... something noone is responsible for, turn their anger inwards, against other people in senseless fights or against God, just because they need some reckoning.

    Something else, we also like to believe that killers are monsters. Men who are not like your neighbor,husband, co-worker, teacher,son... but that is miraculously false.
    Serial killers like George (Mindhunters;The Woods)can certainly be labeled as outcast, but the vast majority of murderers and other criminals are people like us. I think that´s because we´re human and therefore imperfect. We fail, we make wrong choices, we have dark sides...
    I very much enjoyed when Lilly told the mother of one of the dead boys:
    It's so much easier to believe monsters do these things. Not men.
    And it´s even harder when the murderer of your child is the own husband. Creepy.

    About Lilly - I loved the welcome, all those hugs, so warm and fuzzy for a change... I appreciated that they didn´t just drop the shooting or made it small, but showed this time how it affected Lilly to come back to the place where it happenend.
    I said this time because when the George-thing happened there wasn´t any coverage at all except her throwing away a newspaper. I would have expected her to go to counseling, have nightmare or just talk about it somehow... well that´s the past. I´m glad they´re making it different now.

    Well enough with the rambeling.
    Alltogether an excellent season start with great writing of my favourite writer Veena Sud.
  • Lilly's back and so is the cases

    I knew Lilly wasn't going to die, as we all saw how she first reacted when going back into Homicide on her first day back. I loved the used of flashback but how we are viewers saw it through her mind. It was well acted by Kathryn Morris throughout this entire episode. The case was pulled in a lot of different directions but it wasn't bad. There was a little comedy between Kat and Vera which helped to keep the balance in the storyline. Anyone can tell Lilly is still suffering from the effects of the shooting, but that didn't stop her from a great interview and bringing the correct murderer to justice.
  • The fifth season begins with Lilly and the team still trying to recover from the horrific events of the previous episode. On Lilly's first day back she looks into the case of three ten year-old boys who were beaten to death in September of 1994.

    Despite some formula plot points (It was very obvious the two boys convicted of the murders were innocent. The detective forcing a confession out of one of the boys is another such point), this episode worked well and was quite entertaining. The writing of this episode was quite good, I like how it lead the viewers on a certain path but then took some unexpected turns. That has been something that has made me a fan of this show and it's good to see that device still be used and used well. Season five looks good so far to me.
  • Cold Case is back with what we love character development and great music. This season picks up with Lily recovering emotionally from her shooting and Valens being looked into by internal affairs last seasons suspect shooting. As usual an attention grab

    Cold Case is back with what we love character development and great music. This season picks up with Lily recovering emotionally from her shooting and Valens being looked into by internal affairs last seasons suspect shooting. As usual an attention grabbing case. This time two teens convicted of the murder of 3 children falsely. The twist and turns albeit were nothing special but watching Lily and the team deal with the aftermath of the shooting was the real draw. To the episodes credit it was the father who couldn't handle his childhood abuse and not the freaky kids or the crazy homeless person per tv cliche. Sadly this episode didn't take me back to the first and best season but it's a good continuation of how the show has progressed from being all about Lily to an ensemble cast and if it continues I sense great episodes on the horizon.
  • Season 5 starts off in a bold way. After a convict hangs himself, a note claiming responsibility for the 1994 murders of three boys comes into the police station. It turns out the now-dead man (and his friend still in prison) may have been framed.

    This was a great story. I just want to take the time here who watched this show to understand that in 1994, something like this did happen in West Memphis, Ark., and I urge anyone curious about this trial from seeing this show to go to for more information. The similarities between the (fictional) case of Dylan and Teddy and what happened to Damien, Jessie, and Jason are striking. It was great that this show featured the music of Nirvana, one of my favorite artists, but I wish people could have been made more aware that this story was based on true-life events before they watched it.
  • Lilly is back and so is Cold Case!

    After the near fatal shooting that took nearly too Lily's Life, she is back. But still is having nightmares from
    The shooting. The IAB has been investigation them due to
    The shooting, making sure that they were following proper procedure. Anyway, the case they are investigating is with three kids being beaten up. On September 2nd 1994. And the two kids that were incarcerated may have been innocent and likely to have taken the fall over it. One of them hangs himself in prison as he can't take it no more. While the otehr has the chance to prove his innocence. It turns out that the dad who was afraid of the light, killed the kids with his flashlight. Because of him being afraid of the dark.
  • Lily is back

    Lily Rush is back. She still is recovery from the shot in the interrogation room last season.We find out that the IA are investigating the shooting and Scotty.

    A woman comes to the office, her son,Teddy Nimmo, hung himself, he was in prison for the murder of three kids back in the 90's.

    Lily is intrigued by a letter the boy got. She and Scotty start investigating. The other boy convicted of the crime,Dylan Noakes, is alive and they go talk to him.

    The detective on the case forced Teddy's confession and from there they figure it out.
    From Dylan they get a description of the scene as he saw it. It points to Jack's father, he was the one who killed the boys. They scared him by turning off the lights and he snapped.
    Dylan goes free and Teddy is in peace because the truth is out.
  • great episode...

    Rush comes back after being shot last year and she looks into a case where three young boys were killed. The case was closed, but the two boys that were accused were wrongfully accused. In the end, it turned out that one of the boy's dads killed them with a flashlight because of his fear of the dark. It was creapy. The man was like crazy. Whenever he got trapped in a dark room he freaked out and said he was going to kill everybody and stuff. It was creapy. I really liked the case in this episode. It was touching, interesting, creapy, and just original. I didn't really like the part of the episode that was about Ruch coming back. It was a little annoying and her hair is worse then before, which is saying alot because she had terrible hair. Overall, great episode and a good start to a new season.
  • As lilly returns to work from her shooting, Stillman needs to be convinced that she's ready to work. Meanwhile the plot is about three little boys that were beaten to death. Two teens were convicted but Lilly isn't so sure they were the doers.

    Great start to a new season. Lilly returns from being shot and has to deal with the psychological scars from her ordeal. The plot is about three boys that were beaten to death and the two teens that were convicted. When one of the teens kills himself in jail, his mother brings a letter to the Cold Case detectives that gets Lilly to re-visit the case. This episode is great because of what Lilly has to go through and the case is great because of the twists on who the killer is. Some funny scenes were when Miller and Vera had this exchange: Miller: And you're reaching for my Kung Pao Chicken. Vera: This is family style. Miller: You ain't my family.
    And the scene where Vera sits on the trash can was also memorable. All in all, a great opener. I won't ruin this review with who the doer was. Every fan that missed this should find a way to see it. The ending scene where the boys are riding their bikes was reminiscent of the last scene in The Sleepover. Lilly even had the same look on her face.