Cold Case

Season 5 Episode 1

Thrill Kill

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2007 on CBS

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  • somewhat predictable storyline, but great study of society and what people want to believe; Lilly still suffers from recent trauma ---- features awesome music by Nirvana

    I have to say this episode really swept me off my feet, especially as I didn´t expect much, not because I think the writing often is bad but they had an columbine-like episode with teenage killers and I didn´t particularly enjoy it.

    About this one, I personally pretty much believed from the beginning both guys were innocent as I saw no motive ("thrill kill"?-you must be very messed up for something like that) and Teddy´s profile didn´t seem to fit and about Dylan - my gut told me he might be mentally not entirely healthy but he´s not a murderer, especially not three young boys for no reason.
    But despite that it was an intriguing episode, especially as we got something to learn her.
    Society needs a scapegoat and that issue has been brought on in other tv shows but it is so important, that I say "bring that on, bring that on".
    Someone needs to be held accountable, needs to pay for the damage and in the relatives´and also the peoples´ despair it doesn´t really matter who.
    Often people who experience tragedies like accidents, an illness... something noone is responsible for, turn their anger inwards, against other people in senseless fights or against God, just because they need some reckoning.

    Something else, we also like to believe that killers are monsters. Men who are not like your neighbor,husband, co-worker, teacher,son... but that is miraculously false.
    Serial killers like George (Mindhunters;The Woods)can certainly be labeled as outcast, but the vast majority of murderers and other criminals are people like us. I think that´s because we´re human and therefore imperfect. We fail, we make wrong choices, we have dark sides...
    I very much enjoyed when Lilly told the mother of one of the dead boys:
    It's so much easier to believe monsters do these things. Not men.
    And it´s even harder when the murderer of your child is the own husband. Creepy.

    About Lilly - I loved the welcome, all those hugs, so warm and fuzzy for a change... I appreciated that they didn´t just drop the shooting or made it small, but showed this time how it affected Lilly to come back to the place where it happenend.
    I said this time because when the George-thing happened there wasn´t any coverage at all except her throwing away a newspaper. I would have expected her to go to counseling, have nightmare or just talk about it somehow... well that´s the past. I´m glad they´re making it different now.

    Well enough with the rambeling.
    Alltogether an excellent season start with great writing of my favourite writer Veena Sud.