Cold Case

Season 7 Episode 15

Two Weddings

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2010 on CBS

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  • Love does Conquer all even if it takes two weddings!

    I just saw the repeat of this episode which I missed when it originally aired in February. It was striking to me because the plot was layered in an oddly romantic and tragic way. This is the first time I've seen a cop show make one of their own into a sympathetic stalker-type who gets the girl in the end! The bride's first groom (the unsolved case) ditched her on their wedding day 2 years ago to go back to a wife he kept secret from her for eight years who was in the hospital the entire time not speaking until on this day she said his name, compelling him to go back to her but not before finding out that it was just a moment of clarity and she passed away right afterwards. In despair from this news, he then immediately jumps off the balcony, killing himself. His best man was with him and revealed what happened in the end and I guess I missed why he kept it a secret, sorry! These plots are very thick and hard to follow sometimes. The best part is this second groom, one of their own as I said and not-so-hot looking compared to the first, who had forever been madly inlove with the ditched bride, knows everything about her, begs desperately for her to marry him at the first wedding, pursued her almost like a stalker, which she jokes about in a scene, ending up winning her heart in the end. It's a wonderful moral: Nerds need love too and if you don't give up, you may just win the heart of the one you truly love.
  • The Squad Solves a murder while attending Louie's Wedding.

    One of the most funniest episodes this season. The case itseld was full of many twists, but in the end I could understand and feel for the victim; Dan whom wasn't not even murder but committed suicide instead.

    It was revealed later on that he had a wife whom was in a coma, but on the night before Dan was to marry Anna; the wife, Melanie spoke his name then died.

    All the grief trigged him to jump out of the window and fall to this death.

    The rest of this episode was amazing, ADA Bell pretending to Lilly's drunk boyfriend, Lilly acting veyr friendly towards Anna.

    All in all it was another great episode this season, especially with the Bouquet landing at Lilly's feet at the end. What more could you even ask for..
  • Lilly and the team are enjoying a rare day off at the wedding of a colleague. Jeffries learns that just two years prior the bride was engaged to another man. He called off the wedding the night before and was found dead just hours later.

    I had a little trouble buying the fact that the team started their investigation during the ceremony and had it solved by the reception, but "Two Weddings" is a well done episode. The story certainly held my interest from start to finish and came to a satisfying conclusion. There are some formulaic plot devices however. They can all be found in the bride's family. The obnoxious mother, the slutty sister/Maid of Honor and the estranged father. The saving grace is that they don't hurt this episode all that much. "Two Weddings" is one of the season's stronger episodes despite flaws.