Cold Case

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2005 on CBS

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  • Get out your handkerchiefs 'cuz you will cry for this one!

    This one was probably the saddest 'Cold Case' episode I've ever seen. The victim was so innocent, he had the mind of a young child even as a teenager & I absolutely detest bullies of any kind so it was very upsetting to see the poor little guy get in trouble for something he didn't even do. When he had his eyes closed at the end, waiting for something good to happen only to be hit by the train 'cuz he trusted his caregiver, I was sobbing. It was a lose/lose situation for all involved.
  • Very sad, gets me mad

    i found that this hit close to me. i know someone like this and it pains me to see how people treat the handicapped. i hope this opens the eyes of other people. i hope that the next time someone wants to be mean then they should think of how it would feel to be treated that way. i guess u can say, think before u speak. the plot was great. i have seen this kind of action in real life yet i was the one that was being made fun of. i hope bullies learn from this great episode
  • Heartbreaking

    This was one of the first episodes of Cold Case I saw, and it was what drew me into the series. You really feel for the characters in this episode. Colin is a mentally challenged boy with a stuffed animal, Mr. Wilson, who is his best friend. His father is a deadbeat and his mother, who has the patience of a saint, is dying of cancer. Colin is killed and the detectives try to figure out what happened.

    Keep your tissues near when you watch the episode because you will cry at some point. It is hard not to in this amazing episode.
  • Startling, sad, and so ...useless. But it does remain in the memory, which is why I gave it a high rating. Points for a heart-tugging story, loss for the ending - it was just too much.

    I saw this episode when it first aired, and unlike many of them, this one stuck with me. The young boy, Colin, and his Mr. Rabbit tugged at my heart, as I have two children myself. When the ending occurred, I and my oldest daughter were in absolute shock - I cried buckets, and I never cry over movies/shows. It was so startling, so sad, and so ...useless. But it does remain in the memory, which is why I gave it a high rating. Points for a heart-tugging story, loss for the ending - it was just too much. I actually stopped watching the show for almost a year. I was scared. So many of them are sad, and full of loneliness, heartache, and loss.
  • hello this video is fantastic (wishng)

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  • About an attractive teenaged retarded boy whom life and a lie deal such terrible blows that the one who loves him best sees to it that he dies, to protect him from what the world will offer him in the future.

    Leah's lie--that Colin tried to rape her--while the truth was that she encouraged him to kiss her, which was all that happened, resulted in:
    1) parents insisting that Colin be immediately withdrawn from school.
    2) when he is institutionalized, he is put in a violent ward, because of the "sexual assault" on his record, rather than in a ward with other retarded people, most of whom are quieter, gentler and sweeter than normal human beings (like Colin was), let alone the violently insane!
    3) contributed to the lack of interest Middlebury (a VERY classy college!) showed in having Nathen be his guardian while attending school. They might have overlooked Nathan's youth (19) had they not been biting their fingerends with worry that Colin might at any time jump somneone's bones.

    Three quibbles: Nathan says: "What Sarah (Colin's mom) needs is to get strong," and Colin immediately decides to stand in the middle of the railroad tracks and wish real hard. Maybe this makes sense to him; it doesn't to me (I don't care HOW strong locomotives are!)
    I know, Colin liked to wish in very symbiolic places...

    It seems like overkill that not only does Colin's dad want nothing to do with him (including supporting him financially--not that he can--) "I didn't care enough to kill him," he says, but that his mother should die of cancer as well. It could happen. It's a lot to happen.

    NOBODY has mentioned Josh's drawings (they are all fine reviews). Is this because they don't understand them, like I don't? The drawing that originally draws police attention to the cold case was NOT of Colin getting pushed onto the train tracks, but of Josh and Colin pushing Mac onto the train tracks. Whom does Josh draw inside the heart with Colin after Nathan's confession, and why?

    At no time does anyone in the episode discuss whether Colin's disability is genetic or not (it coukld be, without either of his parents suffering from the same problem). No one mentions whether he has been, or will be, sterilized, and I'm surprised, after Leah's accusation, that nobody mentions chemically lessening his sex drive, or doing away with it altogether (maybe the writer thought he had enough problems already).
  • This episode dealt with a sequence of events culminating in the murder of a young man who had the mind of a child in an adult body. It took a very hard and critical look at how blind the law can be regarding who is fit to care for such a person.

    This episode excellently highlighted the plight of the mentally challenged who fall through the cracks because the law seems incapable of realizing that a person need not be related by blood to another in order to care for and about that individual. Nathan did everything he possibly could for Colin\'s well being, and only became a murderer because he saw it as the last kindness he could perform for him. Had the system been more flexible in its definitions of who can care for a disabled person, it\'s likely that someone as fundamentally decent as Nathan would never have done anything so drastic. Ironically, had Nathan NOT been as kind and empathetic as he was, he wouldn\'t have cared about the situation that Colin ended up in with regard to his institutionalization following his mother\'s death. A truly great episode, but one that I can never watch again because it was just too emotionally harrowing--I cried for about an hour after it was over!
  • Superb example of how one incident can affect a life.

    "Wishing" is one of the finest individual episodes Cold Case has produced. From its heart-breakingly real characters, Colin, Sarah-the struggling working mom, the helpful neighbor, the total slimeball bully and the insecure girl who inadvertantly sets the tragedy in motion with a simple lie that ends up destroying more than one life, to the emmotional script and fine direction and pacing this is a classic and moving episode. The actors were all great and the script had some interesting twists, such as the parallel of the lie Leah told and the lie Scotty told to Rush about her sister and the effects on both relationships. Not to mention Colin getting beaten down by his "friend" who looked down on him as at least one person lower on the food chain than himself. This was one powerful and moving episode.
  • My brother is in a wheel-chair, so this was a though 1 for me.. An episode that makes you mad, angry, upset, sorry and sad at the same time..

    If i even catch a guy like Mac doing the same things "in real life", i wil.... hmmz what will i do? I wanted to say "i will put him on a traintrack so he can make some wishes" but i don't like the eye-for-an-eye idea... Maybe will put him in a wheel-chair (temporarily) to feel what its like.
    Anyhow, i'm sorry for the negative story, this is getting close to me.
  • This made me both angry and very very upset

    Probably one of the saddest Cold Cases ever. This show made me so angry when I saw Colin, the disabled guy, being relentlessly bullied and tormented. He had a simple innocent view of the world, meant no-one any harm and wanted to be loved. Instead he ends up dead on the train tracks. If I had been the detective on the case, I would have taken this one extremely personally and I would have seriously kicked the asses of those involved. The episode is also extremely sad and it WILL make you cry. It will also make you realise how cruel people are to those who are disabled or less fortunate. This episode will stick in your mind forever.
  • this one is all about how one "little" mistake or misconception, or misunderstanding what we don't understand. can snowball into irrepairable damage

    This one is sure to make anyone who ever felt "different" or anyone with any amount of compassion turn on the faucet.
    It makes you think in sooo many directions wether toward yourself or what something you may have said or done could have caused, as with most "accidents" it's the one who caused the incident and is no longer at the scene who never even realized they caused it to start with.
    This one reminds us. One simple statement or gesture truly "can" change the life of one or many. And that some people really believe in wishing. sometimes it's all they have.
  • An intriguing mystery, a moving story of impossible choices, and a difficult point in a freindship

    Wow - this was a killer Cold Case. I expected having a disabled young man as the victim would lead to shovelfuls of schmaltz, but the epsiode looked at the impossible choices for the single mother and carer of the young man. Wonderfully drawn characters especially the friend of the family who at 19 was intenseley emotionally involved with them but also prepared to acrry through with his responsibilities.

    I also thoguht the on-going arc of the \"triangle\" between Lil, her sister and Scotty came to a wonderful head. The sister wants love, adn wants what her sister has, so she bedded Scotty. Scotty needed love and supprot after his g/fs suicide. Niether set out to hurt Lil, so nevertheless feels betrayed and hurt, adn lashes out with a viscious attack on Scotty . Whew!