Cold Feet (US)

Season 1 Episode 3

How Much Is That Sex Act in the Window

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 1999 on NBC
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How Much Is That Sex Act in the Window
After losing a promotion and gaining a new boss, Ellen, David starts having trouble performing in the bedroom, but his seeking help without admitting the problem is his leads to a series of misunderstandings. Pete and Jenny are terrified when her doctor informs them that they can have sex in two weeks -- and they're not sure they can. Shelley fears that her relationship with Adam might fall apart after they sign the lease to their new place.moreless

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    Jean Louisa Kelly

    Jean Louisa Kelly

    Shelley Sullivan

    Alicia Coppola

    Alicia Coppola

    Karen Chandler

    David Sutcliffe

    David Sutcliffe

    Adam Williams

    William Keane

    William Keane

    Pete Lombardi

    Anthony Starke

    Anthony Starke

    David Chandler

    Dina Waters

    Dina Waters

    Jenny Lombardi (as Dina Spybey)

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      • Bob: Sounds to me like you're stuck in the traditional male dichotomy. Do you eat it at work, so you can keep providing, but in the process lose the man that you are? Or do you stand up for yourself, walk out on the job, but compromise the man that you are as husband and provider?
        David: Oh my God. You're absolutely right.
        Bob: Maybe you just need to accept one side or the other, instead of being torn between them. Either a totally useless D-Man but money-making eunich, or the unemployed stud muffin your woman fell in love with. Let's chant.
        David: How do you know all this?
        Bob: I used to work for a different kind of massage company. I've spent a lot of time with men.

      • Bob: ...Are you under a lot of stress?
        David: Oh, not, uh... not particularly. Well, I--I--I suppose I was just looked over for a promotion, so my boss could give it to a woman who was brought in over my head and who goes around giving out motivational rocks.

      • Bob: Your chakras are a mess.
        David: Oh my God, I knew it was something horrible! ... What the hell's a chakra?

      • Adam: Really? He's impotent?!
        David: No. No. He's--he's not at all what you said. It's just that he seems to have lost the old, uh... knack. Momentarily.
        Adam: How momentarily?
        David: Eight days, seven nights.
        Adam: Man. You know, all joking aside, I may not be the right guy to ask. I really don't know that much about it. To be honest, I think you have to be senile to be impotent.

      • Shelley: So, what are you saying? I should get married?
        Karen: Maybe. Eventually. At least you know what you've got then. Don't you ever listen to Dr. Laura?

      • Shelley: And it's got an extra bedroom! That could come in handy!
        Landlady: Yeah. Someday you might want one each.

      • David: A rock. Thank you.
        Ellen: It's for your desk. It says something on it that I'd like you to remember every day.
        David: Risk.
        Ellen: It's what this company's all about.
        David: Well, I'm impressed that you figured that out in your five minutes with the company...

      • Landlady: It's a nice apartment. Perfect for newlyweds.
        Shelley: We're...we're not actually...
        Adam: Newlyweds.
        Shelley: ...or any weds. We're not...we're not wed at all.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Music: "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green; "You Can Leave Your Hat On" by Randy Newman; "There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)" by Fantastic Plastic Machine; "All You Want" by Dido; "Let's Make a Deal" by Dangerman; "Big Lie, Small World" by Sting; "No More, No Less" by Collective Soul; "Something's Gotta Give" by unknown; "Human" by The Pretenders. The Collective Soul, Dangerman, Dido and Fantastic Plastic Machine songs were promotional considerations hyped by NBC after the end of the episode.

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