Cold Feet

ITV (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Episode 5.04
      Episode 5.04
      Episode 4
      Adam, Karen, Jenny, Pete and David are saying their goodbyes to Rachel. The whole gang is grieving differently. Jo and Ramona have a collision. Robyn meets some new people and David is making a final decision. Everybody is moving on with their lives.
    • Episode 5.03
      Episode 5.03
      Episode 3
      Adam's dad visits, but isn't welcome anymore. Jo is working the entries weekend, but ends up in an unknown bed, while Karen has to face the truth about David and Robyn. Adam and Rachel learn that their house is auctioned, but they can't afford it. On her way to the auction, Rachel gets in a car accident and her friends gather at the hospital.moreless
    • Episode 5.02
      Episode 5.02
      Episode 2
      Pete and Jo have to prove to the immigration office that their marriage is legitimate, so they have to find out all there is to know about each other. Adam faces a life crisis, but Rachel thinks she can help him. David and Karen start to dig up dirt for their ongoing divorce. Meanwhile Ramona finally finds her love.moreless
    • Episode 5.01
      Episode 5.01
      Episode 1
      The group is back from Sydney and Rachel gave birth to a baby boy. Adam and Rachel try to work things out, but Rachel doesn't listen, because she only cares about the baby. David and Karen's divorce gets complicated when Karen decides that she needs a lawyer of her own. Pete's mom is moving in with the newlyweds, but first thing she does is go off and by some cannabis.moreless
  • Season 4
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1