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Series 5 is 6 episodes not 4?

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    I was just browsing the Cold Feet guide, and was wondering why it only has 4 episodes listed in series 5? there are 6 episodes in series 5, and Rachel is in the car accident in episode 5 of the series not episode 3, it is all messed up! Just thought i would mention it here so the Editor knows and may want to change it, or when i get the time i will contribute to it and fix series 5 i know it has 6 epsidoes because i just watched series 5 from my DVD set.
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    Series 5 was broadcast on TV in 4 episodes, each of which were 90 minutes long, but this was edited to 6 episodes of 60 minutes each for DVD release. So originally Rachel's death came at the end of episode 3 rather than the middle of episode 5. I too watched it as 6 episodes of 60 minutes and I think it works rather well, as Adam's dad becomes a recurring character and the aftermath of Rachel's death in episode 5 is really fitting I think. Hope this helps.

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