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  • No Reviews on the new season :o!

    Came to to check on what people were thinking of the new season & stunned the new episodes have not even been loaded as yet!

    Once again, thoroughly enjoying this brilliant series. "Bloody marvelous!"
  • Cold Feet, following 3 couples through the good times and bad!

    I used to love Cold Feet when it was airing on the TV, and i recently bought the complete Cold Feet collection on DVD from for which i think is an amazing price of £17 and rekindled my love for the show!

    The characters are perfectly played and is perfectly written! Some scenes warm the heart and some make you sad, almost in tears, but you have got to love this show for it's originality. James Nesbitt makes the show for me, he is such an amazing actor through the good times of meeting Rachel, to the sad times of her death, he is one o the most believable actors around and this show would not have been the same without him, no wonder the US version did not take off, because to be honest the US could not pull off a show like this full stop, the difference in humour here in the UK is completely different to that of the US.

    Great show, great cast, great characters and amazing writing! Watch it now if you have not seen it before, you will not be dissapointed.
  • Absolutely incredible show - Please bring it back ......

    Found the whole series in Virgin Media TV Choice on Demand and have spent the last week watching them - Watched series 1,2 and 5 years back but somehow missed out on 3 and 4. This series is just fantastic and has left me wanting more. I really wish they'd do a follow up now (the forties). There are so many of us who relate to the scenarios going on balancing relationships with family life - this show highlighted the ups and downs of the average couple with humour, empathy and sadness.
    Rachel, Adam, Pete, Jen, Karen and David feel like your own group of friends.
  • Cold Feet was a 5 part series set about a community of Friends in Manchester England, I use the word Friends as very similar concept... even Helen Baxendale was in the American Counterpart. It concentrates on their loves and lives of 6 30 somethings...

    The show got better with each season, starting with the relationships of how they were. Adam was a philanderer and eventually met Rachel when he reversed into her car in a car park. the love spiralled from there. At first it seemed that they may not make it when she revealed she was pregnant and could not be sure whether the father was Adam or her ex husband. But they did, and their story also ended the series. David and Karen were upperclass, with a nanny. He was a bit of a pratt and she eventually turned into an alcoholic, but they loved each other. She was definately the stronger of the marriage. They had twins and an elder son, with the Spanish Nanny Ramona. Pete and Jenny were on the opposite scale of David and Karen, but were happy, the series opened with the preparation of the birth of their son Adam, but by series 4 their marriage fell apart and Jenny took Adam to America for a new start - returning in the season 5 finale episodes. Pete then went on to marry Jo, and that is another story. All in all, a perfect show and due for a reunion. With the exception of ONE character which is how the series ended.
  • What a show, I lived and breathed their love and friendship. Something you can't buy.

    Well.... I watched this show when it first aired here in Australia every week on channel 7. I wouldn't miss it for the world UNTIL I missed the last two episodes..... yes I know. Channel 7 aired the final season this week and I got to see the last two that I missed....

    These episodes brought back a lot of memories for me BUT I think I will need to go back and watch all five seasons again to get the feeling back that I had when it first aired.

    They were really sad but because I haven't watched it for four years I didn't get the emotion:)

    I loved the show back in 1998-2003 (I am now 26) and will watch it all again, I will write a better review once I have done this:)

    I jumped on the web but I cant find any good sites to refresh my memory of the gang.... please help!!

    What a show, I lived and breathed their love and friendship. Something you can't buy.
  • Aww, this was a great show! I cried like a baby at the end.

    This is by far the best English drama show ever. Overall I love British shows in all forms, for example Absolutely Fabulous, Coupling, Midsummer Murders and Wire In The Blood, but Cold Feet is the greatest of them all.

    Karen was my favourite character when this show was on air, but I guess that’s just because I adore Hermione Norris. She’s great in Wire in the Blood too. Adam (James Nesbitt) would definitely have been the obvious choice otherwise. I thought I was going to get dehydrated by crying when Rachel (Helen Baxendale) died in the car accident. Oops, I hope you’ve all watched the two last episodes, or I’ve ruined your day pretty hard. Sorry about that.

    Anyway, great show.
  • Fantastic show that deserved a few more series.

    One of the best Granada dramas I have seen in recent years. I never got around to seeing it when shown on ITV, however purchased the full dvd boxset of all 5 series a while ago. What a joy!!! Series 3 had to be the best with Hermionne Norris outstanding in her role. What a pity they had to kill off Helen Baxendale's adorable character. This show could have run and run.
  • Still miss it!

    This was the perfect show. With just the right amount of joy and hardship! I would give a lot for just one more season, one more episode even! The caracters are portrayed as real persons, with flaws and positive sides as any other person. The preformance by the actors is impecible. If you are looking for sad and good at the same time this is it!
  • brilliant

    Cold Feet was the funniest programme I have watched in a long time. They should make a reunion where they all meet up again after being away for a long time that would b good. It was sad when Rachael died. I found it funny when after the funeral Adam and Pete was in the pub and Pete was holding the urn and he accidently spilt some of the ashes in 2 the ashtray and 1 of the bar tenders came over 2 him and asked Pete if he had finished with the ashtray and he said yes and she put the remains of the ashtray into the bin absoultley hillarious!.
  • I absolutely adore this series.

    Cold Feet is one of my favourite shows ever. It is both funny and sad and has the ability to make me feel good. I particularly love James Nesbitt as Adam… That accent! I felt sad when it ended.
    When this came out on DVD I just had to have it!
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