Cold Feet - Season 2

ITV (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Episode 2.06
    Episode 2.06
    Episode 6
    David invites all the friends round to dinner to announce that he has hired a castle for them all to stay in to celebrate the millennium. On arrival at the castle, David tries to organise everything and everyone and, as a result, ends up getting on their nerves. Meanwhile, Adam and Pete get stranded on a boat whilst trying to row to the mainland to get pizza, and try to get the attention of the others by using the fireworks as flares, but this sets the boat afire. On jumping ship, they find the water is not even up to their knees! When Pete discovers his millennium clock has stopped working (because Ramona has taken the batteries for her walkman) he blames David, and they have a big fight. They soon make up though, and have a heart-to-heart in which David reveals that Karen is pregnant again. The group take Adam's suggestion and spend the evening on the beach waiting for the sunrise.moreless
  • Episode 2.05
    Episode 2.05
    Episode 5
    Jenny has kicked Pete out and Adam's attempts to persuade her to take him back are of no use. Nick, David's younger brother, turns up and he and Rachel get on very well (which is more than can be said for Nick and David!). Meanwhile, Adam gets hit somewhere very painful whilst playing squash, and is later unable to perform in bed as a result of the injury. When he goes to hospital to get it checked out, he is told there is a growth, and is diagnosed with testicular cancer. When Nick asks David for money, he refuses, but is later talked into the loan by Karen. The friends all gather together to help Adam through his operation, and Rachel moves back into his place to take care of him on his return from hospital. One night she catches him off guard by declaring she still loves him, and they play that famous game of strip Scrabble!moreless
  • Episode 2.04
    Episode 2.04
    Episode 4
    Karen realises that she hates herself, for what she's become and plans to start a new life. She gives away all her expensive designer clothes and convinces Rachel that they both need a tattoo. Rachel and Danny finally split up, because both are bored with each other. Pete tells Adam about his latest affairs and they both get an invitation to their high school reunion. Adam plans to go since he heard that his childhood sweetheart will be there - and since she recently got divorced Adam thinks his chance has come. Things don’t go well – Rachel on the other hand makes out with one of Adam's old teachers. Jenny finally finds out about Pete's affair and she leaves Amy's house.moreless
  • Episode 2.03
    Episode 2.03
    Episode 3
    Jenny convinces Adam to reply to a lonely hearts ad, while Rachel returns to her old job and begins dating a much younger man. David and Karen arrange conflicting surprise anniversary weekends for each other. Pete goes on a motivational course and ends up comforting Amy in a motel room.
  • Episode 2.02
    Episode 2.02
    Episode 2
    David opts to stay home and take care of his son rather than get a new job; Rachel comes back without a baby; Pete learns that Jenny no longer loves him.
  • Episode 2.01
    Episode 2.01
    Episode 1
    Rachel has been in London for six months but remains unsure as to who the father of her child is while Jenny has developed feelings for Adam.