Cold Feet

Season 3 Episode 6

Episode 3.06


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Pete has arranged a surprise trip to Belfast for Adam's stag weekend, whilst the girls are going to a health farm for Rachel's hen weekend. Karen and Jenny soon confess that they are bored of sitting around in dressing gowns, so the girls all turn to the minibar instead. In Belfast, the lads have been doing some heavy drinking when Adam runs into his first ever girlfriend, Jane. The girls are also getting drunk, and when playing truth or dare, Jenny lets slip that she once kissed Adam. Rachel is mortified, but manages to forgive Jenny, and they plan a trip to surprise the boys in Belfast. When David says he has gone to call Karen, and Karen then calls, Pete discovers that he in fact was calling Jessica, and the truth about the affair comes out. Whilst out walking with Jane, Adam ends up kissing her and is horrified to wake up in her bed the next day. She assures him that nothing happened, and he makes it back to the beach just in time to meet with the girls, so that nobody knows what he has done. Adam and Rachel argue about the kiss with Jenny, but soon make up, whilst Jenny and Pete admit that they miss one another.moreless
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