Cold Pizza

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Cold Pizza
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AIRED ON 12/5/2005

Season 4 : Episode 215

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Cold Pizza is ESPN2's weekday morning program covering the previous day's sports, news, and entertainment.
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  • ESPN's own morning show that is another surprisingly refreshing show to come out of this network.

    Jay Crawford is really good at what he does. He can mediate between Woody Paige and Skip Bayless and deliever news seemlessly and with great accuracy. The feel that the network wanted for the show was something like "Today" and mission accomplished. They did this all the while keeping the sports angle in front. The show keeps on changing anchors and always has a great variety of guest from around the sports world. Also it seems they have found a worthy counterpart for Crawford in Dana Jacobson. This show has left itself room to grow while still leaving it's viewers full.moreless
  • good show but needs some improvement.

    This is a good show except for skipp bayliss. He seems to be an undercover racist.On the show the other day he made a really bad comment that he or anybody else should not have made. He said that steve nash needed to get tatoos and a thug atitude to get in the all star game. It doesnt take a geius to figure out what he was refering to. this guy seems to have nothing to say but negative things about african

    american players and its starting to be obvious.this guy is bad for the show and ESPN.moreless
  • Cold Pizza is an okay show.

    It is not one of the best shows but it is not bad either. It is on from from around 10 to 1 so not alot of people are hoem to watch it. I usually catch it when i have a day off of school or if it is summer. I like the overall view of it mostly sports but the bottom line weather and they talk about National news and world news sometimes so its not all sports. Woody Paige and Skip Bayless do a great job on 1st and 10 and Dana and Jay do good jobs hosting the show with a bunch of other peoplke bouncing in who do great jobs reporting the news and just chiling and having fun.moreless
  • I love pizza

    I really think this show is good for any one that likes to eat pizza. Because pizza is the best thin to eat talking about sports but pizza is good with any thing. But when u watch super bowl XL in Detroit. It is time to eat pizza watching football.

  • Pretty good

    This is a very good show. If you are a sports fan and love morning TV shows, then this is a show for you. I hated the old format with the one guy and 50 other girls, but I like it now with Jay Crawford, Dana Jacobson, Woody (Woodro) Paige, and Skip (Blowhard) Bayless. The one thing the show could do without would have to be Bayless. Paige may be an idiot, but he makes the show funny, Skip is just an idiot who doesn't make the show funny at all. I'll keep eating Cold Pizza as long as they dish it out!moreless