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Cold Squad

CTV (ended 2005)


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Cold Squad

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Cold Squad is a one-hour police drama originally on CTV that focuses on 'cold cases'; unsolvable cases that have gone for years without a solution. Each week there is a new 'cold case' brought out of the woodwork to solve, which may date back five years, or could even date back fifty years. The primary personality in Cold Squad is Sgt. Ali McCormick. Although she isn't the official head of the unit, her opinion is invaluable to the other workers. She is backed up by a team of highly skilled professionals who, as it so happens, are also her good friends. Throughout the years, the cast was comprised of: Allan Lysell (Det. Bill Overmyer (1999-2000; eps. 27-39)) Bob Frazer (Det. Eddie Carson (1998-1999; eps. 12-26)) Eli Gabay (Det. Larry Iredell (1998; eps. 1-11)) Garry Chalk (Insp. Andrew Pawlachuk (2000-2005; eps. 40-98)) Gregory Calpakis (Det. Nicco Sevallis (1999-2003; eps. 27-85)) Hiro Kanagawa (Det. James Kai (1998-1999; eps. 1-26)) Jay Brazeau (Sam Fisher (1998-1999; eps. 1-26; 2000-2001; eps. 40-59)) Jerry Wasserman (Insp. Vince Schneider (1998; eps. 1-11)) Joely Collins (Christine Wren (2000-2005; eps. 40-98)) Joy Tanner (Jill Stone (1998-1999; eps. 1-26)) Julie Stewart (Sgt. Ali McCormick (1998-2005; eps. 1-98)) Linda Ko (Dr. Christine Liu (1998-1999; eps. 1-26)) Lori Ann Triolo (Det. Jackie Cortez (1998-1999; eps. 12-26)) Matthew Bennett (Sgt. Len Harper (2001-2005; eps. 60-98)) Michael Hogan (Det. Tony Logozzo (1998-1999; eps. 1-26)) Paul Boretski (Det. Nick Gallagher (1998; eps. 1-11)) Paul Coeur (Sgt. Lloyd Mastrowski (1998-1999; eps. 1-26)) Peter Wingfield (Insp. Simon Ross (1998-1999; eps. 12-26)) Richard Ian Cox (Manny Needlebaum (1999-2000; eps. 27-39)) Sharon Alexander (Bernice Boyle (1999-2000; eps. 27-39)) Sonja Bennett (Det. Samantha Walters (2004-2005; eps. 86-98)) Stephen McHattie (Sgt. Frank Coscarella (1999-2001; eps. 27-59)) Tahmoh Penikett (Corp. Ray Chase (2004-2005; eps. 86-98)) Tamara Craig Thomas (Det. Mickey Kollander (1999-2003; eps. 27-85)).

Joy Tanner

Joy Tanner

Jill Stone (Seasons 1-2)

Richard Ian Cox

Richard Ian Cox

Manny Needlebaum (Season 3)

Tamara Craig Thomas

Tamara Craig Thomas

Det. Mickey Kollander (Seasons 3-6)

Julie Stewart

Julie Stewart

Sgt. Ali McCormick

Joely Collins

Joely Collins

Christine Wren (Seasons 4-7)

Matthew Bennett

Matthew Bennett

Sgt. Len Harper (Seasons 5-7)

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  • New watcher

    I just watched my first episode and enjoyed it. I didn't realize it is an old show. The episode I watched was very good except it was part of a two part series. I hope I can find the 2nd episode.
  • As the prototype for 'Cold Case', this show created a female detective with a gnarly support team specializing in solving unsolved mysteries from years gone by.

    After an unsubstantiated arrest, Constable Winslow is driving the suspect and Detective Ali MacKormack to Vancouver when he loses control of the vehicle and crashes over a hill into the woods. For three days they are alone, immovable because of their injuries. This is Sartre revisited. One of the most intense and complex episodes of the series, not to downplay the others.

    I wanted to write to the people involved in this show to express my admiration of their art, but they have closed all communication. My loss.

    Does this mean that writers, actors, directors, producers and the many people who support them don't care about how their audience responds to their work?moreless

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