Cold Squad

Season 2 Episode 8

Dwayne Douglas Smith

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1998 on CTV

Episode Recap

Eddie is throwing a bachelor party for his good friend Teddy Waters, complete with stripper. This doesn't thrill Ali or Jackie, both of whom feel it's an archaic tradition. After catching the stripper's glove, Logozzo get called away from Teddy Waters' bachelor party when Buzz Creighton, a junkie has has helped in the past, calls him down. Logozzo tells him he dragged him from a party, and Buzz, believing it's his birthday, can't believe he forgot. He mentions that he and Logozzo share the same birthday, and both are Leos.

Logozzo is ready to walk out when Buzz gets to the point ... his girlfriend's pregnant, and he can't risk going to prison, and he is currently facing five years. Logozzo offers to help her get the medical care she needs, but isn't willing to get more involved than that, until Buzz tells him that he can give him a 1991 murder if Logozzo will keep him out of jail. Logozzo is hesitant to believe Buzz, but Buzz gives him details.

Flashback to 1991: A woman in her late twenties, early thirties, twirls around what looks to be a loading dock. She is obviously high on something. She falls into the arms of a trucker, probably mid-to-late thirties. The trucker is found murdered, and she's found beaten and unconscious near the body.

Tony takes this information back to the squad, and the pull out the files on Dwayne Douglas Smith, better known as Smitty. He had tried to rape a young woman named Karen Coblentz, who was accused of his murder, and ended up spending a couple of years in a psychiatric ward. Ali goes to see Coblentz, who has found religion, married, and has a young son. Ali is touched by the woman's problems; her young son Adam has autism, and Ms. Coblentz, now Mrs. Burke, wants nothing more than to put her past behind her. She honestly believes that her lack of faith is responsible for her son's condition.

Meanwhile, Logozzo, Eddie, and Cortez turn their attention to the dead man's partner, Conrad Wendt. It turns out that Wendt and his partner, Malone, once drove for the police, and worked for Smitty. Wendt is now married to Malone's sister, Rose. They put a wire on Buzz and sent him into the party celebrating the birth of Conrad's first child. While Jackie and Eddie are in the van, Eddie keeps asking her if she was really offended by the stripper at the bachelor party. Buzz managed to get Conrad to talk about killing someone, but it sounds more like Conrad is venting his frustrations about his partner.

They bring Conrad in, and Ali questions him about his involvement in Smitty's murder. Conrad swears that he had nothing to do with it. When Ali shows the tape of her interview with Jill, Jill believes that Conrad was just bragging, but that he's not capable of murdering anyone. Ali is frustrated, then the group of them start discussing Ron Malone as a possible killer. It turns out that the night in question, he was watching the hockey game with his sister and her boyfriend, a bicycle cop named Bert Nye. The good thing is that Nye was a dirty cop who was heavily under investigation. The bad thing is that he's dead now.

Tony meets with Buzz, and realises that Buzz has been holding out on him. When Buzz panics, Tony gives him $20 to hide himself, but warns him that if he shoots it up his arm, he'll kill him himself. Buzz assures him that he's clean, and takes off. Tony returns to the station, where he is handed a birthday card. At first he feels honored that they remembered, until he learns that he's been asked to sign for someone else. In witness interrogation, Conrad is talking to his lawyer, and his brother-in-law comes in. Conrad warns Malone about Buzz, which is when Ali shows up, furious that Malone was allowed to get in to talk to his brother.

Back at the station, Tony and Ali question Conrad. He maintains firm that he didn't kill anyone. He admits to letting people believe he had killed Smitty, but swears that he never actually said he did it. He just let people believe what they wanted to. Tony talks to Buzz's girlfriend Rita, who hasn't seen him since he talked to Tony. Both are worried about him, and Tony makes it known that he needs to see Buzz as soon as possible.

Ali goes to Malone's place, where she talks to Malone's sister. She tells Rose that as a cop, she needs to solve cases, and she has enough to put Conrad away for years. Rose insists that Ronny told her that would never happen, and Ali simply shrugs. Rose finally admits that her brother wasn't there that night, just as the man himself walks in the door. He tells Ali to get out, and gets physical with her. She arrested him for assaulting a police officer, but back at the station, has to face the wrath of Ross, when he explains that she was in Malone's house without his consent and he was fully within his rights to kick her out.

Once back at the station, Ali is surprised to learn that Karen Burke and her husband Russell are there to see her. They convince her to help them pray in the office, at which point Karen tells Ali that she saw Ronny kill Smitty that night. Malone is arrested. Not in time to help Buzz, though, who is found on the street, nearly dead from a drug overdose. Ali is surprised to learn that Tony has been watching out for Buzz since he was nine years old, when he saw his father stab his mother through the chest with a butcher knife.

The squad are relaxing in a bar when Ali sees Karen Burke sitting by herself. Her husband has left her, and told her that when he gets back home, she better be gone. Ali offers to help Karen get custody of her son if she wants it, and tells her to go home and sleep on it rather than getting drunk. At the station, she hands Logozzo a donut with a candle in it, proving she's the only one who remembered. Before they get a chance to talk, Logozzo's wife Vivian calls from Toronto (he's been trying to talk to her all day), and Ali smiles as she leaves.