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Can you help me find a song please

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    [1]Jan 5, 2007
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    I need some help in finding the name of a song that was part of the episode where our intrepid female sleuth quits the force following having being disappointed by her team’s lack of support in confronting CICIS and the federal government over an alleged cover-up of an assassination perpetrated by the Israeli government. I only caught part of the song and would like very much to get the lyrics/copy of the song as well as more by the same artist. I only caught parts of it but it has haunted me since. Some of the lyrics were …Let us be brave, let us be nice, but just let us be together tonight…I had a dream but it won’t bring you back to me…And lastly…I remember all the things we used to be but life goes on…These are not in order but are the most I can remember other than the artist was male. Please help if you can and let me know what this tune/artist is.
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    [2]Jan 27, 2007
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    The first part seems to be lyrics to the song Don't Let Us Get Sick by Warren Zevon. You can hear a preview on his MP3.com page if that helps.
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