Cold Squad

Season 6 Episode 13

True Believers (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 2003 on CTV



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    • Len Harper: It's not murder, it's not even conspiracy to commit murder, that's the criminal code plain and simple. But is what they did wrong? Of course it is. I just don't know what you're going to do about it. If your CSIS agent wont talk --
      Ali McCormick: She won't
      Len Harper: Then what have you got?
      Ali McCormick: Moral indignation.
      Len Harper: Well, we knew that.
      (later, same scene)
      Ali McCormick: But they have to listen Harper. This is the truth.
      Len Harper: And if they won't move on it?
      Ali McCormick: I'll go to the press.
      Len Harper: And you'll be fired. Do you really want to risk your job?
      Ali McCormick: Watch me.

    • Ali McCormick: Murder is murder, Agent Carlson. I want these killers brought to justice.
      Carlson: As you know, Mr. Hirschenberg is dead. The others have left the country, and enjoy the perks of diplomatic immunity.
      Ali McCormick:And I'm just supposed to sit here and take this?
      Carlson: Sometimes that's your duty.

  • Notes

    • Gary Harvey: (on Julie Stewart, the end of season six) In the very last scene, very last shot (which of course was supposed to be the last of the series) Ali looks directly into the camera for a moment, then exits. It was something that happened by accident during a rehersal. As she moved through the frame Julie Stewart looked to the camera (perhaps checking her position, perhaps I said something to her) When she did that, I said "Oh we have to use that". We shot it that way and cut it into the show as the last image. I really felt that the act of looking into the lens, directly to the audience was a nod to the faithful viewers, a thank you of sorts. Everyone including the network got behind the idea and we went with it.

    • Gary Harvey: (on the episode as a whole) This was intended to be the last episode for the entire series. Ali walks away, on her terms. And the squad splits up (in one way or another). Of course the show was picked up the following season and Ali needed to relaunch her career.

    • Gary Harvey: (on a guest appearance) This was the last episode for mainstay characters Nicco (Greg Calpakis) and Mickey (Tamara Craig Thomas). With Nicco, back on the beat, in the opening scene he is in the street cop locker room where we meet another cop who teases him that he musta have really screwed up to have been kicked 'downstairs'. That cop is played by Todd Bertuzzi (Vancouver Canucks).

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