College Hill

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  • Season 6
    • Moving On
      Episode 17
      Kyle gets into it with Brandon and Milan. The housemates witness an historic election. Tiffany's in a love triangle. The police have to intervene when Brandon and Chris brawl, and someone is sent home early.
    • 6/16/09
      Milan correctly assumes that her housemates are not happy that she bailed on the Urban League community service project. After hearing from Brandon that words were spoken about her, she decides to have an attitude with everyone. Later, Brandon gets into it with Kay.
    • To Give or To Take
      Episode 15
      The housemates decide to help a struggling family in the Miami area, and the experience draws a lot of emotion from Chris. Milan isn't as touched and once again, seems less-than-enthusiastic about serving the community, which brings criticism from her roommates.
    • 6/2/09
      Kyle is a mess, and threatens to leave the house, but Brandon convinces him to stay. Kay and Paul continue to spend time together, but after she hears him deny having real feelings for her – and calling her out of her name – she's more than a little hurt.
    • Love Triangle
      Episode 13
      The housemates are still feeling the effects of Dr. Nixon's visit. Kay and Kyle bond; Chris and Paul continue their community service, and Kyle has a one-on-one session with the therapist. A love triangle emerges between Paul, Kay and Allison, and two of the three end up in bed together.
    • 5/19/09
      A family therapist visits the house and helps the housemates talk through their issues. The next day, the group heads to a park to participate in a team building exercise where Milan goes all diva on the group. Later, they head to the club to party.
    • Ribgate (2)
      Episode 11
      Kyle makes an attempt at taking the high road after the whole rib-stealing incident, but after he finds a note from Allison to Kay, it's on and poppin'. Plus, Tiffany's old boyfriend complicates things for Chris.
    • Ribgate (1)
      Episode 10
      Milan and Kyle continue to hassle Paul about not initially helping to squash the beef between Chris and Brandon, but after talking to Kyle and Chris, Paul decides to stick it out. Allison has a guest, and Kathryn does something to stir Kyle's wrath.
    • House Rules
      Episode 9
      The housemates are still feeling the effects of the previous night's blow out between Allison and Kyle. The gang heads back to the house after stopping by a historic area of Key West and learning some Black history. When they return to the filth they left behind, Chris and Brandon get into an argument, and Paul threatens to leave the house after catching grief from Kyle and Milan.moreless
    • 4/21/09
      Kay, the new girl, is still feeling like an outsider, and that's because she's being treated like one. Allison is the only person who reaches out to the new girl and defends her when Kyle continues his verbal attacks. However, it's Kyle that ends up in tears when Allison fights back. Strangely, the other five housemates defend Kyle's assault on Kay, and think nothing of his days-long attack on her.moreless
    • The New Girl
      Episode 7
      Kathryn enters the picture. The housemates get a new roommate. She gets a warm welcome from Brandon, a lukewarm greeting from most, and straight hate from Kyle. Brandon vomits all over the house after drinking, and Kyle vomits on purpose.
    • 4/14/09
      The housemates talk about sex, and Allison leaves nothing to the imagination. Kyle experiences some type of diva tantrum that causes him to offend Brandon and Allison, who are beginning to feel alienated. Chris and Tiffany continue to get closer.
    • Get Out the Vote
      Episode 5
      The cast get a BBQ together to help voter registration awareness; Paul and Kionne form a bond due to their past lives.
    • Swing Vote
      Episode 4
      The housemates have an important decision on their hands. Who will they send home? The vote is tied, but a secret ballot results in a majority vote for Milan to stay, and for Terri to go. However, not everyone's happy to see Milan return. Hopefully, a community service project will get the drama off everyone's mind.moreless
    • 3/31/09
      Terri and Milan get into a fight after Terri invites one of Brandon's friends into their shared shower. At the end of the day, the remaining six have to decide which girl goes home, but it's not an easy task.
    • In & Out of Love
      Episode 2
      The housemates are getting comfortable in the crib and with one another. A suggestive game, involving whip cream and handcuffs, helps reveal where the attractions lie. It also causes one female to stake her claim on another housemate.
    • 3/24/09
      The eight housemates meet on a yacht in South Beach, Florida and things get tense right away when two cast members get into a verbal disagreement complete with finger snapping and neck swirling. However, for others, there's an instant attraction.
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