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Tuesday 10:00 PM on BETIn Season


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    [1]May 9, 2007
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    Haha does anyone love the whole crystal & fallon tag-team match on whose going to be the most hated girl in the house, i find it hilarious first it was crystal and fallon was mad chill in the back easing by...but then of course the "fight" and now its Fallons to get up all in ppls face *cough JT Cough*, its whatever but if it weren't for these two i wouldn't be watching the show that ad the sizzle

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    [2]May 13, 2007
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    I actually thought Fallon handled it very well. She was calm and is still no where near Krystal status. Fallon didn't get up in Idesha's face or anything, although I guess you would consider her the other woman, she had issues with J.T. and what he said and took up those issue with J.T. I believed it could've been handled in a calmer manner but when she tried talking to him @ first, he wasn't very forth coming. He could have told her then, that Idesha and him had quash their beef. Fallon simply was under the understanding that him and Idesha was through based on the way J.T. was talking about her, so she was surprise to see J.T. take up with Idesha again. I think she took more from her conversations with J.T. than J.T. did and she caught feelings for him and thought the feelings were mutual which is on her. But you have to give her points, b/c Krystal would have been hollering @ everything and everybody because she was pissed off. Fallon when to J.T. in a calm manner, and he didn't want to talk to her. Plus it wasn't Fallon's idea to cook just for two or to hide groceries. THAT WAS KRYSTAL. I still got love for Fallon. You could tell @ the end when she honestly said she was hurt, but she'll move on. That's not Krystal-like.
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