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Rib Fight!

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    [1]May 14, 2009
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    Did Kyle really get that worked up about feeding the opposite sex? His male instincts should have been a tad bit more concerned! They all live together and sleep together but have issues with something as vital as food! He blew the roof off the house and called her a "slave." Emotions are way too high over the non-sense and the huge over looking of morals is ridiculous! The intelligence of viewers is definitely in disregard.
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    If I Was Kay I still would've ate the ribs and i would have offered to pay him BUT, i wouldn't have let him talk to me like he was crazy , when he said put it in the microwave that would have been it , and when he said he didn't want the money I would have left and went to my room

    I mean what could he have done to her but yell and cus ????!!
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