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  • college hill

    It should be back on bet when is it coming back?


  • Another misused opportunity. Only purpose IS to block good intentions!

    A drunken fight that made no sense at all. Chris shows up for dinner and as he has a seat, Kyle begins to sound like Madea... Did this show live up to what they promised or what? What a waste! The show creators need to have some sort of standards of acceptance. They will more than likely set up the same type series on the next run or for the next opportunity! Nothing ever changes when it comes to nonsense! And morals, just ignore that! Horrible, horrible, horrible... And once again no change in how we allow the media to present us. They will visit high class rich neighbors and report news segments, but the only time they show up in the black communities or "the hood" is when they are putting us down and washing our brains down about how bad we are doing and how bad we live... Other than that they report from the places they feel are perceived better and appropriate for news reporting! The media really needs to give it a break. They're killing our children self esteem and horrifying our communities and homes.
  • It Keeps you Watching

    I like college Hill the Fight could have been avoided I feel Vanessa was My favorite House Mates for the Girls I would Have Hung with her if I was on the show not all U.S peeps treat people like that I agree with J.T and for Krystal to Not feel sorry for Vanessa Hitting her with the shoe was Just Terrible and no good on her Part I have to admit that argument that J.T and Idesha Had was Funny as hell I never laughed so hard at anything in Life as for Fallon **** that **** I think she deserved to get her ass whopped also in the near future for being a two-faced **** other than that the show is all good with me but if I was on there I would kick it with the V.I Peeps It's all about respecting ones culture and the only ones that understand that is J.T and Willie
  • College Hill is the best original show BET has ever come up with.

    I've heard many people say that College Hill is similar MTV's Real World but I've never seen it. So all I know is that College Hill is an awesome show that deserves more respect than it gets. Eight black college students live together and go through just about everything. The only season I didn't watch was the first and I really want to see it. To me last season was the best of all four seasons. Hopefully BET will renew the show for a fifth season because its pretty much their highest rated show. Overall College Hill is a very interesting show that never is boring.
  • College Hill is a television show on BET that chronicles the lives of 8 college students 24/7. It's basically the ethnic version of real world and I love it. I give it 2 thumbs up because this show was due a long time ago.

    I love College Hill. The fourth season is the first season that I've been able to watch, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I wondered at first why there wasn't more variety, but I'm beginning to see that there is enough variety. It's pretty wild, but I'm loving it so far. Plus The Real World became boring a long time ago, so this show was overdue. I gave it a 9 rating because I don't really care for all of the hedonistic stuff that going on. Some of it is okay, but sometimes its a little bit too heavy, just like some of the stuff on The Real World, but I plan to keep watching. Good show Mr. and Mrs. Edmonds.
  • Awesome show but BET has bad camera and promo quality so don't be fooled.

    Hot, black,hot,black college what else do I need to say this SH@# is so good I can't get enough it truly is a reason to watch bet. I love being black and black people so bet is a life saver white people are welcome too don't wory bet isn't racist it's neutral. Although they do make fun of white people alot in comic view another really good show it is so hilarious and ghetto I luv it. I also like access granted it's a ghetto music of making the video bet likes to bump off mtv and make it black.
  • all i can say is its college hill

    College hill is a black version of real world but with people from college alot of things happen when peoples personality dont match and they bump heads which has happened a few times they have will who is white but hasblack tendencies and loves black girls BET ( black star power) has done it again with this show alot of controversy surrounds it and alot of humor becasue it is just a real life sit com but hopefully we will see people from this season again and it will be fun to see them in different settings.

  • Think real world just a little bit more real, At Virginia State University, home of the Trojans Will, Rodney, Ray, Deirdra, Bianca, Audrina, Arlando and Anya, are all college students who have moved into a house together, and are sharing their lives and d

    This is College Hill Season 3, think real world but a little bit more real. I like the fact that to be on this show you have to be college students, education has it's rewards. This show is full of drama, thanks to the editors, and life lessons. On one of the most recent episodes Anya and Deirdre were shall we say having a "spat." later on in the car Anya was saying if people want to call me a bitch, I am a bitch Beautiful.Intelligent.Tall.Charming.and Humorous. Thank-you Ms. Anya for saying something about that word. How many times have you heard someone say "hey ho," "hey bitch," or "hey slut," and the girl just turns around and engages in regular conversation. maybe now girls will turn around and say "I hope you mean beatiful intelligent tall charming and humrous." Respect yourself like Anya does. GO ANYA!
  • Can't get enough!

    The Edwards putting together a show that focuses on black college life is nice! I'm totally into watching this show every week for it's crazy storylines, parties, and effects in getting involved into the community. The show is only 3 seasons old and it will only get better as the seasons rolls on, so don't sleep on this show quite yet.
  • The eight students comprising the cast will be (listed only by first names; hometown in parenthesis):

    The eight students comprising the cast will be (listed only by first names; hometown in parenthesis):

    • Nina (Shreveport, Louisiana); Senior - Marketing Major
    Profile: The cheerleader and diva of the group; competes in pageants; sophisticated attitude; socialite

    • Kevin (Los Angeles); Junior - Sociology Major
    Profile: Jock and ladies man; college football and women are all that matter; has a lazy streak

    • Delano (Los Angeles); Senior - Mass Communications Major
    Profile: Rapper/aspiring actor; charmer; class clown; still dealing with recent death of his mother

    • Shalondrea (Shreveport, Louisiana); Sophomore - Elementary Education Major
    Profile: Country girl at heart; instigator and trouble-maker; has a \"not-so-secret\" secret to deal with

    • Kinda (Baton Rouge, Louisiana); Freshman - Undecided Major
    Profile: \"Wild Child\" of the cast; men get their \"freak\" on - why can\'t she?; daughter of a school administrator

    • Gabriel (Dallas); Senior - Biology/Pre-Med Major
    Profile: School band and fraternity member; \"Big Man\" on campus; smooth operator with an ulterior motive

    • Veronica (Houston); Sophomore - Marketing Major
    Profile: Rich girl and spoiled rotten; another diva for the group to deal with; beautiful and she knows it

    • Jabari (Chicago); Junior - Computer Science Major
    Profile: An academic genius, literally; has a \"nerds-are-us\" look; video games and dancing are a high priority
  • I Can't Look Away!

    Why is it, that when something makes you so mad, you just cant leave it alone. I have to say, I watch the show faithfully. I just don't understand. How can so many grown people get together and not be able to come to an agreement on a simple subject? They fight over the pettiest things. I'm like grow up. I tune in every week though.
    I would love to go on the show. I am a very outspoken person, but when I'm mad I wont make a fool of myself.
    They have to understand that, them being on that show will effect them getting jobs and so forth. People don't forget a face. Especially when you're in a fight or naked. Who will forget a girl who got mad, after she took off her bathing suit top, that some guy took it? I'm sorry, but in that case, she asked for it. I'm not saying that just because someone is walking down the street naked, she needs to be raped, but they sure aren't going to think she is a virgin either.
    Lastly, do they get to keep their cars. They always pile up in the same car to go everywhere. If they cant keep their own cars, why not? Drama. Reality TV.
  • The only part i liked about this obviously confusing show is when one of the fine boys drop the pants and start lap dancing on a girl

    This show is like the blck version of the real world on MTV. I mean obviously it didn't work because as you can see the ratings says so. But overall if the show should return with another hottie on there i would give it a chance just to see what the cutie's going to do.
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