College Hill

Tuesday 10:00 PM on BET Premiered Jan 28, 2004 In Season


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  • Another misused opportunity. Only purpose IS to block good intentions!

    A drunken fight that made no sense at all. Chris shows up for dinner and as he has a seat, Kyle begins to sound like Madea... Did this show live up to what they promised or what? What a waste! The show creators need to have some sort of standards of acceptance. They will more than likely set up the same type series on the next run or for the next opportunity! Nothing ever changes when it comes to nonsense! And morals, just ignore that! Horrible, horrible, horrible... And once again no change in how we allow the media to present us. They will visit high class rich neighbors and report news segments, but the only time they show up in the black communities or "the hood" is when they are putting us down and washing our brains down about how bad we are doing and how bad we live... Other than that they report from the places they feel are perceived better and appropriate for news reporting! The media really needs to give it a break. They're killing our children self esteem and horrifying our communities and homes.
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