College Hill - Season 5

Tuesday 10:00 PM on BET Premiered Jan 28, 2004 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Time's Up!
    Episode 13
    Season 5 comes to a close as the roommates celebrate Shavon's birthday and find a way to reconnect. Later, the cast works a final event for the Ludacris Foundation.
  • London Love
    Episode 12
    In London, Sira and Dennis become targets for the housemates. Upon returning home, the roomies learn they have one last event to work for Ludacris.
  • Shaking It Off
    Episode 11
    Culture shock unites the roommates during their trip to London. Elsewhere, flirtations arise between the cast and their cultural-exchange partners.
  • Take It Back!
    Episode 10
    The roommates prepare for a trip to London and hope the tension in the house won't ruin the experience. Elsewhere, Drew focuses on an upcoming performance.
  • Unapologetic Playa
    Episode 9
    Drew clashes with the housemates once again after he pursues Dorion's friend and has phone sex in front of Ashley L.'s family. The tension leads to an explosion at dinner that leaves the gals fearing for their safety.
  • Where You Been?
    Episode 8
    Drew's womanizing gets in the way of his work with Ludacris' foundation, but it's Dennis who slips up and misses an important event.
  • It's Ludacris!
    Episode 7
    Ludacris visits the house and reveals that the cast will be working for his foundation. Elsewhere, Andrew and Dennis record a song together and Ashley L. becomes further estranged from the housemates.
  • Where's the Love
    Episode 6
    The housemates are still stunned after hearing gunshots near the campsite. Plus, the sounds are nearing. The eight grads flee from North Carolina but not before taking a dangerous trip down a raging river. A housemate nearly drowns and takes someone under with him. However, that's not the most dramatic moment. After returning home, things really get crazy.moreless
  • Camping Jitters
    Episode 5
    The housemates go camping. Secrets are revealed, including a possible love connection. However, the fun is interrupted when the housemates begin to fear for their lives.
  • Fired Up!
    Episode 4
    Sira and Shavon wake up on the wrong side of the bed when their alarm clock doesn't go off. The girls believe the men have played a prank on them, and the guys don't deny it. Things get worse when the fellas decide to invite strippers to the house. The grits finally hit the pan when the housemates' attempt to go clubbing backfires.moreless
  • Groupie Love
    Episode 3
    The women are not feeling the men in the house in the least. So, the guys decide to invite other women to hang out in the spot. The fellas are finally receiving the female attention they've been craving; however, when the guests start to invade the ladies' personal space, the party ends abruptly.moreless
  • Hook Me Up
    Episode 2
    Drew's still very uncomfortable sharing a room with Dorion, who Drew suspects is gay. However, it's squashed after the other three men confront Dorion, and he assures them that he is heterosexual. Now, that Dorion's sexuality is no longer an issue, Drew turns his attention to Ashley L.
  • Welcome to Atlanta
    Episode 1
    The eight housemates – Anthony, Ashley L., Ashley R., Dennis, Drew, Dorion, Shavon and Sira – meet one another on a bus that soon takes them to their luxurious Atlanta home. After settling in, they all decide to go to the club. It's all love for now, but Drew's not too pleased to be sharing a room with Dorion.moreless