Colonel Flack

Dumont (ended 1954)


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Colonel Flack

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Colonel Humphrey Flack was a British con man without peer. In a variation on Robin Hood, the dapper and pithy Flack, with his American sidekick Uthas "Patsy" Garvey, out-conned other con men and saved the unspecting from being swindled. They retained a small portion of the spoils as their pay. A running gag of the series involved Col. Flack making some impressive-sounding statement in a foreign language and then translating it into modern slang for the benefit of Patsy. The series was based on characters created by Everett Rhodes Castle in series for the Saturday Evening Post. It aired live on the Dumont network during the 1953 season, before returning in syndication (this time on film) for a new season in 1958. "Colonel Humphrey Flack" also aired under the title "The Fabulous Fraud".