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AIRED ON 3/17/2016

Season 1 : Episode 10

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Partly inspired by the Nazi-occupied France of the 40s - COLONY is really an intriguing thriller - shadowy conflict and espionage framed by a dystopian future.

Set in a bleaker future on an Earth conquered by alien forces, Colony focuses on one family amongst the splintered people of Earth in an occupied LA region. Two kinds of people form: those who take the easy path, choosing to collaborate with the aliens in order to gain small favours; and those who try to resist the occupation, forced into secret communications, finding only trouble and hardship. At first the resistance is only aware of their own small area in LA, but as the show progresses the network of resistance widens, and people start to find out what is going on in the greater world.

Colony stars Josh Holloway (Lost) and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) as a husband and wife Will and Katie Bowman who got separated from their son during an alien invasion.

In the pilot episode Will gets captured while attempting to find his son and is approached by the collaborators to work for them in finding the resistance.


    Sarah Wayne Callies Is Returning for Fox's Prison Break Revival

    The Colony actress will reprise her role as Sara opposite Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell.


    Colony "Blind Spot" Review: Breaking Links In The Chain

    Will and Phyllis built rapport at the exact wrong time on another sturdy Colony.

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    • Love it but, why isnt Sarah Wayne Callies dead yet?

      Great show, i like that S2 seems to change the focus and dinamics. I still want Sarah Wayne Callies character to die, most annoying actress since prison break.
    • I love it!!

      I love this show but I want to know more especially what the aliens look like.
    • Better Late Than Never

      I watched the premiere the night the show started & I liked it, but for one reason or another it slipped under my radar as other shows got my attention.

      I let the episodes build up on my DVR & I started to play catch-up tonight, & man, I'm glad I finally got off my ass, 'cause I'm really enjoying it so far.

      If I had to narrow down the many things I'm liking about this show down to one thing, I'd say that I love that it doesn't waste time spoon feeding me expositional info. It dropped me into the world & expects me to learn as I go.

      I respect that style of storytelling & I wish it was more common

      Punch my geek card because I'm a fan now.moreless
    • I dig it!

      I have been watching this show evolve from the beginning, it only gets better with every episode.
    • Loving this.

      Excellent character development. Excellent storytelling.

      The show is not about aliens. At least not yet. It is about the lengths people will go to when faced with very bad options.

      For all the failed Lost clones in the last decade, series that tried to emulate Lost's magic (or more precisely, its ratings), it is interesting that a completely different show that does not try to copy Lost for a moment is the one that most successfully emulates that magic.

      Of course, Carlton Cuse being the showrunner has lots to do with that. The show being about characters instead of events is clearly his work, and that is the reason why the show is good instead of just another failed sci-fi series.moreless

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