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Bold Red Living Room/Clsc and Elegant Master Bedroom (Episode Discussion 1+2)

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    Well, because I forgot to put a episode discussion post up yesterday and because these episodes are airing so close together, here's a thread to comment on both episodes.

    March 18 (Sunday, 10PM Eastern) - Bold Red Living Room
    Jennifer and Jason Ricketts are desperate for a makeover of their
    living room and they are not afraid to add a lot of color! In the
    premiere episode, David Bromstad (winner of HGTV Design Star) finds a
    ton of personality by looking through their house and decides to base
    the house around a bold red color. The team then tries to separate the
    living room and dining room and they create a warm and contemporary
    look for the Ricketts.

    March 19 (Monday, 9PM Eastern) - C l a s s ic and Elegant Master Bedroom
    The Kaluks have a master bedroom that is one monotone s t y l e and is
    completely different from the rest of the house. David uses chocolate
    brown as his color inspiration and the team designs a room that has
    elegance and a masculine touch to suit both Tom and Shelly.

    Remember to rate and review the episodes and post here so we can discuss the premiere!
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