Season 5 Episode 2

A Case of Immunity

Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1975 on NBC
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A Case of Immunity
An ambassador from Suari and his code clerk kill the chief of security in an attempt to make it look like the chief was a traitor, who blew up the legation safe and stole £600.000 on behalf of a dissident group. But Columbo gets suspicious. He just have problem crushing the ambassador´s alibi. And then, when the code clerk turns up dead, the ambassador has an alibi again. But even if Colombo could rock the two alibis, there is always the immunity-problem...moreless

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    Hector Elizondo plays the First Secretary of a Middle Eastern (Suarian) Embassy in the US, who murders the Chief of Security in a bid to enhance the power and influence he holds within his country. Masking it also as burglary and trying to frame one of the protesting students outside the Embassy, he quickly turns to framing his accessory to the murder, who also ends up a victim of the power struggle....

    This is certainly a different slant on the usual Columbo mysteries, but it is all done convincingly, with Elizondo portraying a serious-minded, aloof villain with the straight-facedness it deserves. His scenes with Falk are clinical, substantial and well-portrayed, particularly as Columbo has initial difficulties in adapting to the culture of the Suarian natives within the Embassy as Elizondo's character looks on in mild disgust, thus maintaining a vitally important humorous air to proceedings.

    Columbo's ongoing difficulties with the culture is mirrored well by the complexities of the case: however, the shift of power from villain to hero is gradually and effectively invoked - firstly, as a a complaint is put into the State department about Columbo, but secondly, and more significantly, as Columbo (in a tuxedo no less) greets the Suarian king in his own language at a lavish outdoor party, much to the shock of Elizondo's character. This scene also re-inforces Columbo's friendship with the King, something which plays an important part in the resolution soon after.

Peter Falk

Peter Falk

Lieutenant Columbo (no first name)

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    • Columbo: This is a beautiful piece, sir. You know, we have one just like this back on the dining room table in our house. Almost the same design.

      Hassan Salah: This is third century. It's worth several thousand dollars.

      Columbo: No kidding! Gee, I think my wife got ours at the farmer's market. Well, I guess ours is just a copy.

    • Captain August: Mr. Morgan is with the Protocol Department, Columbo. There's been a complaint lodged against you by the Suarian legation.

      Kermit Morgan: A complaint of police harassment by First Secretary Hassan Salah. The feeling expressed to me is you've been engaging in a personal vendetta.

      Columbo: Well, there's no vendetta involved here. Just trying to catch a man who murdered two Suarian nationals along with robbing the legation of $600,000.

      Morgan: Yes, I'm sure but you're working in delicate and apparently unfamiliar waters, Lieutenant. You can't push around diplomatic personnel the way you would common criminals in the street. It's in the best interest of our government if there are no further contacts between yourself and First Secretary Salah.

      Columbo: Well, that's all very well and good except for one thing.

      Captain August: What is that, Lieutenant?

      Columbo: He's the murderer.

    • Columbo: Where's the King?

      Zena: Oh, he's here.

      Columbo: You know, it looks good, those robes. Do you think they look good, I mean for a man?

      Zena: Oh yes, I do.

      Columbo: What do they cost?

      Zena: I'm afraid I don't know.

      Columbo: How come the King doesn't wear one? It's not because he can't afford it, I know that.

      Zena: You seem to be interested in clothes.

      Columbo: Shoes. These are new. $16.95.

    • Hassan Salah: You were saying you were apprehensive about your employment, is that it?

      Columbo: I beg you not to send a letter to the State Department. I apologize but more than anything else I want to shake your hand. You're the best.

      Salah: To what do I owe this tribute?

      Columbo: You beat me. That's it. I got beat, plain and simple.

      Salah: True.

      Columbo: I know you did it. But, well, you can't win 'em all, sir.

      Salah: You're very gracious, Lieutenant.

      Columbo: Thank you.

    • Salah: Lieutenant! I beg you.

      Columbo: The trouble is, sir, you're right. That is, all the evidence is circumstanial. It's just bits and pieces. I don't think any of it is gonna stand up in court.

      Salah: A confession! If I signed a confession..?

      Columbo: Well, I'm not sure. Your majesty?

      King: I shall abide by your decision, Lieutenant.

      Columbo: (pulls the form from his pocket) Well, in that case, just sign by the red X. Three copies if you don't mind.

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