Season 4 Episode 6

A Deadly State of Mind

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 1975 on NBC



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    • Dr. Collier: Am I to presume that I'm currently your chief suspect?

      Columbo: I'm not sure suspect is a strong enough word.

      Dr. Collier: In that case, I should be locked up. Of course, I'm not. Therefore, I presume you have no proof.

      Columbo: Not yet.

      Dr. Collier: You'll let me know when you do, won't you?

      Columbo: You will be the first to know, Doctor.

    • Dr. Collier: Do you know, Lieutenant, you're a marvelously deceptive man. You know, how you get to the point without really ever getting to the point.

    • Columbo: See, that's a European car. You know, they have the thin tires.

      Sgt. Kramer: Yeah, I know. Our tires are wider.

      Columbo: But I don't see any European cars here, only my car.

      Sgt. Kramer: You got a European car?

      Columbo: That's a French car. Yeah, my car's French.

    • Columbo: I have an eyewitness, Dr. Collier. An eyewitness that will place you at the head of the Donner driveway at 5:30 Monday afternoon. But the eyewitness is not Mr. Morris. The eyewitness is you.

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