Season 2 Episode 6

A Stitch in Crime

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1973 on NBC

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  • Columbo vs. Spock - rebuttal

    A Columbo/Star Trek crossover? hardly. There are no Trek references. Nimoy plays a surgeon, not a half-alien science officer on a spaceship.

    Still, it is a good show.
  • Columbo vs. Spock

    Lt. Columbo faces off with Mr. Spock in the Columbo/Star Trek crossover, A Stitch in Crime. When a surgeon intentionally botches a patient's operation so that he'll appear to die of natural causes, Lt. Columbo has to prove the murder in order to save the patient's life. Leonard Nimoy gives a great performance and crafts a villain that proves to be a formidable challenge to Columbo. Additionally, the storytelling is well-done and delivers several interesting twists. A Stitch in Crime is a clever and intriguing thriller that boldly goes where Columbo has never gone before.
  • Spoilers

    This is a largely potent, cleverly-titled and unpredictably effective Season 2 episode from the Columbo series which sees an impulsive and scheming surgeon (played by Leonary Nimoy) murder a nurse who realises that he is going to botch a heart valve operation on his more circumspect and cautious colleague, who are both involved in a revolutionary medical project.

    Leonary Nimoy "warms up" in his role as the villain: he is initially a little wooden but ultimately his character provides a stern test for Columbo's powers of deduction and, in turn, Nimoy is very effective in portraying the villain's tenacity and calculating nature.

    The script-writer allows the plot to drift a little in mid-section, primarily because of the pursuance of the drug-related theme which is the made-to-look motive used by the killer.