Season 3 Episode 2

Any Old Port in a Storm

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1973 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At the beginning of the episode, Adrian has an open bottle of wine on his desk, allowing it to "breathe." After the little matter of slugging his brother, he fetches the bottle in and has his friend decant it. Later, with Columbo present, he states that he needs to open a bottle of wine so that it can breathe, but he immediately decants it and puts the stopple in, which would keep it from breathing.

  • Quotes

    • Adrian Carsini: Titian would have gone mad trying to mix so beautiful a red. And he would have failed dismally in the attempt.

    • (At the wine auction)
      Karen Fielding: Do you really need it, Mr. Carsini?
      Adrian Carsini: Nobody really needs a $5000 bottle of wine, Karen. I just don't want anybody else to have it.

    • Columbo: You two didn't have a fight or anything, did you?
      Joan Stacey: No, but...
      Columbo: Maybe he got cold feet. That's been known to happen. Was he married before?
      Joan: Three times.
      Columbo: Three times? I guess his feet are warm enough by now.

    • Carsini: That's ironic.
      Columbo: Sir?
      Carsini: Well, I--I'm probably one of the few men in the world that could have told you that wine was spoiled and--and told you it was because it was overheated.
      Columbo: Yes, sir. It required a very delicate talent.

    • Karen Fielding: You're trying to turn me back into an employee.
      Adrian Carsini: You were never anything but an employee.

    • Columbo: I want you to teach me everything you know.
      Wine Expert: It took me forty years to acquire my expertise.
      Columbo: Well, what can you do in an hour and a half?
      Wine Expert: Oh, just the very basics.
      Columbo: Let's start with this-- How can you tell a good wine from an average wine?
      Wine Expert: By the price.

    • Columbo: Do I get a confession, sir?
      Carsini: Oh yes. I'll confess. There's no remorse attached to it. It's a great weight off my mind as a matter of fact.
      Columbo: Why's that, sir?
      Carsini: Well you see, Karen had guessed the truth. She was turning the thumbscrews on me. She's, uh, quite a little iron maiden, that lady. I guess freedom is purely relative.

    • Carsini: You've learned very well, Lieutenant.
      Columbo: Thank you, sir. That's the nicest thing anybody's ever said to me.

  • Notes

    • 91 minutes long.

    • Actor Vito Scotti appears _six_ times in Columbo series: ep. 19 "Any Old Port in a Storm" (Maitre d'), ep. 20 "Candidate for Crime" (Mr. Chadwick, a taylor), ep. 24 "Swan Song" (Mr. Grindell); ep. 27 "Negative Reaction" (Thomas Dolan, a drunk), ep. 34 "Identity Crisis" (Salvatore Defonte), and ep. 50 "Murder, a Self Portrait" (Vito).

  • Allusions

    • Miss Fielding mentions that she is planning to watch an Alan Ladd movie, This Gun For Hire. Released in 1942, this film "introduces" Alan Ladd (although in truth, he had made a number of films previously).