Season 1 Episode 9

Blueprint for Murder

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1972 on NBC

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    Markham lectures on Ancient Architecture, and remembers the Egyptian engineer in his tomb guarding the secret of the pyramids; he conceives the plan of killing a recalcitrant client ("philistine," Markham calls him—"ego trip," says the client) and burying him in the foundation of his new skyscraper, thus securing the commission for a model city through the man's wife, although it's not really a question of money in itself. "You can't put a price tag on genius," he says.

    There is a nice judgment shown here in the script, which makes this the client's second wife and rather young, his first being a great collector of gold lamé, and himself a devoted Nashville fan.

    The case is solved early in Lt. Columbo's mind when he notes the architect's favorite classical station on the missing client's car radio. So it's a matter of humoring a murderer blinded by vanity, who tells Lt. Columbo "you're learning architecture the hard way," until the evidence can be obtained with a piece of drama and a gambit.