Season 2 Episode 4

Dagger of the Mind

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1972 on NBC

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  • Columbo Crosses the Pond

    Columbo is off to Merrie Olde England in Dagger of the Mind. While on an official visit to Scotland Yard to review their policing methods, Lt. Columbo helps out on the case of a famous theater producer who was murdered. Bond Girl Honor Blackman (aka Pussy Galore) gives an excellent performance that has a lot of weight to it. And, the writing does a good job at using the established formula of the series while also changing it by taking Columbo out of . and having him shadow the official London inspector in charge of the case. Additionally, there are some fun pieces of comedy with Columbo playing tourist. Breaking convention, Dagger of the Mind is an impressive and refreshing new take on the Columbo murder mystery.
  • Spoilers

    A transmutation of Macbeth into a theatrical vision, filmed by Quine and Unsworth (or Wolf) on location with a subtle eye for architectural marvels as well as their curious absence.

    The script conveys (or parlays) a brace of brollies and a string of faux pearls into a considerable amount of mischief. Along the way, long takes frame a good deal of brittle, fine humor.

    Sir Roger is introduced with a POV of the interior of his umbrella as he closes it to reveal a POV of the interior of the Royal Court Theatre, which is used to mount Macbeth in dress rehearsal featuring Richard Basehart and Honor Blackman, who very naturally "do and do and do." Basehart additionally favors the watcher with an offcamera rendition of Shakespearean vocal exercises. They read the reviews in bed with glee.

    The comedy mounts from reserved slapstick at the Heathrow baggage claim room, where Lt. Columbo is mistaken for a thief, to drawing room comedy at Detective Chief Superintendent Durk's London club, with the lieutenant avoiding autopsy photos over lunch. The first scene with Wilfrid Hyde-White as Tanner the butler is refined to a point of silken efficiency.