Season 10 Episode 4

Death Hits the Jackpot

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Freddy is a struggling photographer who wants to divorce his wife, Nancy but she is unwilling to accept his terms which include helping him with his loan. But when Freddy learns that he has $30,000,000 in the lottery, he tells her that he will agree to whatever she wants. He then goes to his uncle Leon, who is broke and asks if he would claim the money for him. When Freddy wants the money but Leon is stalling him. On the night of a party Leon kills him and tries to make it look like an accident. And Nancy shows up at the apartment and she and Leon are in cahoots. When Leon returns to the party, Nancy calls him pretending to be Freddy. When Freddy is found Columbo investigates. He goes to see Leon for information on Freddy and learns that he won the lottery. He also goes to see Nancy and asks her why she didn't sign the divorce papers and tells him some story about still being in love with him. Columbo then suspects that the ticket was not Leon's. He has Leon come to the apartment and has with him the costume he wore on the night Freddy died, and pulls out the necklace and shows a fingerprint they got from it; the fingerprint of the chimpanzee Freddy was taking care of on the night he died. It seems that the chimp has a habit of grabbing anything metallic and shiny like Columbo's badge on the first time he met the chimp and the necklace. Columbo then tells Nancy that since she is still Freddy's wife, she gets the money but Leon says that she's his accomplice, which means that both of them are arrested.
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