Season 1 Episode 4

Death Lends a Hand

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1971 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • As Brimmer drives to the construction site in his black Cadillac Eldorado, a brief shot of Leslie Williams driving in a green car is inserted, from "Ransom for a Dead Man."

    • When Columbo asks Brimmer to write out an improvised receipt, Brimmer starts to write on the folder itself. The camera cuts to Columbo, then back to Brimmer again and he is now writing on a receipt pad.

  • Quotes

    • Brimmer: You're a very observant man, Lieutenant.
      Columbo: That's not what my wife says, sir.

    • Brimmer: Lieutenant, you have a marvelously convoluted mind.

    • Columbo: You know what it was that really made up my mind?
      Brimmer: What was that?
      Columbo: The Kennicutt case. I don't want to give up working on it just now. Not when I'm so close to a solution.
      Brimmer: Well, uh, you want to let me in on it?
      Columbo: Oh, certainly. Don't worry. You'll be the first to know. Good night.

    • Columbo: I was just wondering, because your beach house and his beach house, they're fairly close, aren't they?
      Brimmer: No. It's a couple of miles.
      Columbo: That close. Isn't that a coincidence? I'll tell ya, this case is just full of 'em.

    • Columbo: Isn't that weird? What a coincidence!
      Brimmer: What's that?
      Columbo: Here a moment ago we were talking about left-handed people and you're left-handed.

    • (during a lesson with the golf pro he's investigating)
      Columbo: (while preparing to drive a golf ball) Listen, can I help you out? Don't say anything else. You don't have an attorney. Wait until you get an attorney. This way you can hurt your case. Believe me, I know something about my business. I don't know nothing about golf, you know. See, that's your business. I know something about my business. And believe me, you know, down through the years, uh, you get so that you, uh, you develop a nose for things, you see, and, uh, (makes a perfect golf shot) after a while, the ol' nose just tells you when someone is not giving you the truth. Now, uh, I'm gonna forget about the lesson because I could never learn this game, but I'll be back to talk to you.

    • Arthur Kennicutt: What would you have done if the car hadn't broken down? You couldn't set up this trap.
      Columbo: Well, I guess we would have found some other way. You know what this place reminds me of, just seeing all these cars? You know, in our neighborhood we had a bunch of jokers. I mean we were a real loud bunch of guys and we figured out a perfect way to put a car out of commission. You take a potato, you stick it in the exhaust pipe. Doesn't cause any damage but the car won't start. It was a terrible thing to do. And I got a feeling that the reason I became a cop was to make up for all those jokes I played when I was a kid.

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