Season 2 Episode 8

Double Shock

Aired Unknown Mar 25, 1973 on NBC



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    • Dexter Paris: When I talked to my brother Norman, I did tell him that Hathaway and Lisa Chambers were going to meet at 5:00.
      Columbo: (eyeing him knowingly) You did?
      Paris: Yeah. Well, well, good ol' Norman, my banker brother. I'm sure he won't admit that I told him.
      Columbo: I would tend to agree with that, yes.

    • (Walking through a casino)
      Columbo: How long has this been going on?
      Dexter Paris: First time in Vegas, huh?
      Columbo: Uh, we were supposed to come down two years ago but my wife switched sides and voted with my in-laws. We ended up in Animal Land. It was nothing like this.

    • Columbo: Yep, it is. It's a shame that two brothers don't get along like that.
      Hathaway: Which one of them do you suspect?
      Columbo: I beg your pardon?
      Hathaway: (laughs) Come now, Lieutenant.
      Columbo: Well, sir, the trouble there is it seems to me they both have pretty good motives. I'm very big on motive.

    • Columbo: I'm sorry, Mrs. Peck, but I think this time they needed each other so much that they both did something very bad.

    • Mrs Peck: Bum! You are a bum! Putting your stinking cigar butt in this silver antique dish! (showing dish to lawyer) You see this!
      Columbo: I thought it was an ashtray. I have one at home that looks exactly like that.

    • Columbo: Mrs. Peck? Mrs. Peck, I made a very poor introduction of myself to you. I know that. I'm a stranger in your house that you love and I'm here to do something that's not very pleasant so I don't expect you to like me. But I have feelings too, Mrs. Peck. Now I'm sorry about being untidy. That's something that I can't control. That's a fault of mine that I, I, I don't know, I just can't correct that. I've tried many years. I'm just very untidy, that's my nature. But I've never been un-, I've never been rude to you, Mrs. Peck. And, and if you keep on treating me like an enemy just because I'm here trying to find who killed the man you worked for for 33 years, well, then, well then I think you're a very unfair person. (leaves)
      Mrs. Peck: Lt. Columbo! (Columbo returns) I know that you're a very hard-working officer and I would like to offer you a plate of Mr. Paris's favorite health cookies and a glass of milk.
      Columbo: Thank you. I'm extremely fond of health cookies.

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  • Allusions

    • Martin Landau plays characters named Paris. He, of course played Rollin Hand in Mission Impossible (1966-1969) and was replaced by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame, who played a character named Paris on Mission Impossible. Nimoy did however manage to beat Landau to it in the Columbo series, since he starred in "A Stitch in Crime," which was aired two episodes before "Double Shock" in 1973.

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