Season 6 Episode 1

Fade in to Murder

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1976 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Columbo: The parka and the ski mask, that's where they both came from.
      Fowler: And the gun?
      Columbo: Oh, come on, sir. You're putting me on. You know that guns don't come from the wardrobe department.
      Fowler: Of course. How stupid of me.
      Columbo: Nope, that's the props department, sir, not the wardrobe department. How does a smart man like Lt. Lucerne make a mistake like that?
      Fowler: Because you're not talking to Lt. Lucerne at the moment, are you, Lieutenant? You're talking to Ward Fowler.
      Columbo: Well, what's the difference, sir?
      Fowler: The difference is Ward Fowler's under suspicion of murder. And a man under that kind of threat is apt to make mistakes, he's apt to get rattled.
      Columbo: Well, whoever said anything about Ward Fowler being under suspicion of murder?
      Fowler: Lt. Lucerne did.
      Columbo: He did?