Season 5 Episode 1

Forgotten Lady

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1975 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • For most of this episode, Maurice Evans, playing the butler, speaks in his usual refined voice. However, more than halfway through, without explanation, he begins speaking in a noticeably different, vaguely Cockney accent.

    • We see Dr.Willis sitting up in bed, as Raymond knocks on the door prior to bringing in the tray with the milk and sleeping pill. The tray is already sitting on the bedside table, with a full glass of milk and the bowl for the sleeping pill.

    • When Grace comes into her husband's room, she sets her brandy glass on the bedside table--beside a tray with her husband's hot milk. The camera shifts to an overhead view, and the brandy glass is on the tray. When it shifts again, the glass is beside the tray again.

    • When we see Dog in the car, having eaten some ice cream, the side of his face is coated with ice cream, then it's clean, and then it's coated again (although not so thickly).

    • The movie Grace Wheeler watches is a real movie Janet Leigh made for Universal in 1953 called Walking My Baby Back Home. It co-starred Donald O'Connor and Buddy Hackett.

    • When Johny Carson says goodnight, he says have a good weekend (meaning it is Frday). Yet the next day it is mentioned that it is Friday(n for her voice lesson).

    • *spoiler*

      Columbo's case rests on the fact that Miss Wheeler can't explain what she did during the 15 minutes extra running time after the film broke. However neither he nor Mr Diamond (who's desperate to find an excuse for her) suggest the possibility that she simply fell asleep before the film broke, waking up 15 minutes later.

  • Quotes

    • Columbo: From my experience, ma'am, I've discovered that people don't usually forget to do that which they usually do.

    • Sgt. Leftkowitz: You know, Lieutenant, uh, I'm in the homicide office at least, uh, once a week. I don't think I've ever seen you there.

      Columbo: Well, I don't get down there too much. None of the murders take place there you know.

    • Columbo: I wonder if you could help me out with this thing here. Uh, my wife is a terrific dancer and a very good singer but I got two left feet and when it comes to dancing in public, you know, I get self-conscious so, and so she always has to sit it out. Is there something, uh, what can you do for a problem like that?

      Ned Diamond: Become a critic.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Army Archerd: We're outside the Regal Theatre where Song and Dance, that giant musical extravaganza made up of over two dozen film clips from past musical greats had its premiere performance here tonight...

      This film concept was obviously inspired by the popular That's Entertainment which had come out the year before this episode aired. It may even have been the inspiration for the story.