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Columbo vs CSI who's better and catching the bad guys?

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    [1]Jul 3, 2007
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    Just wanting the know what other people think, after all in 2006 I think it was Columbo placed number two in Americas great TV detectives and CSI placed 8th. I think Columbo was better than CSI cause he didn't need expensive high tech equipment to aid him even though Grissom of CSI has shown that he doesn't need his crime kit to investigate but Columbo has been doing it longer and better than any of the people on CSI. I could go on with many examples but I want to know what other people think.

    have a nice day

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    Columbo is the better detective. He didn't use a whole lot of really complicated foreniscs (other than fingerprints, etc.) and most of his work was done through deduction and analysis. He was also a master of misdirection; he'd lull the criminal into a false sense of security with his bumbling routine. He's probably the most dogged detective on TV...if he didn't catch you, there's a good chance he might annoy you to death! To me, there's no contest as to which is better. Columbo wins in a landslide.

    Of course, to be fair, I do HATE C.S.I. I acknowledge it's a popular show, but to me there is no drama in watching somebody wave a wand over a bloodstain and spout off facts. Columbo was a very different kind of show, more of an actor's showcase for Peter Falk and the guest star of the week. As good as William Petersen may be on C.S.I., his colleagues are unlikely to win awards for their acting. Plus, there was the element of surprise on Columbo. We usually didn't know what mistake the killer had made until the final curtain. On C.S.I., the evidence is presented up front.

    For me, a fan of old-school mystery stories, Columbo wins hands-down for me.

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    I just want to say this first I am a fan of both CSI and of Columbo. Both of these shows are very different. CSI deals with the science, and how they solve the crimes today. Petersen is a great actor. He portrays Grissom in real way. I don't think any show on TV can compare to Columbo. It's one of the best shows of all times. And of course Peter Falk is a great actor. He is really good at being Columbo. I have all of the dvds for both shows.
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    i think columbo is better and the thing about columbo is i can always solve the mystery every time who the murderer is

    That is how clever iam

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    I think Columbo is better because he usually has to deal with someone who has planned the murder out to extreme detail. A lot of the people on CSI commit crimes because they're under a lot of stress or excitement. On Columbo, killers have usually been preparing for their crimes for months, and they have every detail worked out. Often, it comes down to Columbo noticing the tiniest things and eventually they add up to something. I like CSI, but Columbo is just much better.
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    I obviously prefer Columbo or I wouldn't be reading this board but I think the thing that makes Columbo more enjoyable for me is that I like watching Columbo's thought process and how he always seems to get the bad guy to incriminate himself in some way or another. He sets them up and watches the walk right into his trap.

    I can watch them over and over again because I enjoy the way he deals with people and I like how they don't give Columbo any personal crisis sub-plots like they do in CSI. No relationships with co-workers, no distractions involving his private life outside of solving the crime at hand. I'm not as interested all that stuff they do in more modern series and as mentioned already, not a lot of scientific or technological mumbo jumbo to help him figure things out. I do watch CSI on occasion but it gets old fast for me and I get bored with all of the space age tools they utilize.

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