Season 7 Episode 4

How to Dial a Murder

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 1978 on NBC

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  • Kill on command!

    Scottish actor Nicol Williamson plays Dr. Eric Mason (known among others from the Excalibur in 1981 as Merlin, Hamlet 1969, Black Widow 1987 and The Exorcist 1990). A very young Kim Cattrall (best known from her role of Samantha in Sex And The City) plays a part we’re not used to. She plays a romantic a bit unstable woman Joanne Nicholls. Dr Eric Mason is having a heart check-up when his dogs at his house attack and kill his wives lover Dr. Hunter (played by Joel Fabiani)
    It is not long when Columbo suspects Mason for the murder , after all Dr Mason is a psychologist who uses words to influence people, why not dogs? But Columbo has to find a way and prove how Mason made his dogs kill on command from such a distance
    Quite amusing episode even if you know from the beginning what happened. The only thing you don’t know is the commanding word Not the best story but quite amusing.