Season 5 Episode 3

Identity Crisis

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1975 on NBC

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    This episode has all the trademarks: Guest appearances by Hollywood notables; memorable one-line throwaway gags; a baffling mystery; familiar L.A. locations; problems with the car (\"there\'s only three like this in the country\" he says; and Columbo\'s tying things together by staying on that one thing that doesn\'t make sense.

    Guest was Leslie Nielsen, looking younger and much more serious than in the other roles I\'ve seen him in.

    Can we catalog the great one-liners in these 68 movies? Here are two from this episode: Columbo: \"Do you have any wine?\" McGoohan: \"I have a whole cellar full.\" Columbo (waving his hand) \"Oh, I\'ll just have a glass.\" Another classic: McGoohan: \"Do you like music?\" Columbo: \"Oh, I hear it all the time.\"