Season 5 Episode 3

Identity Crisis

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1975 on NBC

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  • McGoohan the great!

    WONDERFUL. starring the great Patrick McGoohan. (I know him best as the villain in "Silver Streak" and the warden in "Escape from Alcatraz", with crucial roles in "Scanners" and "Braveheart) - but didn't know he was so intricately involved with "Columbo" thru most of it's run. - - Besides being a long-time friend of Peter Falk, he directed five Columbo episodes (including three of the four in which he played the murderer), and wrote and produced two (including one of these). He received two Emmy Awards for his work on Columbo. He passed away in 2009 at 81.

    (I wonder why Columbo didn't just play the tape of Brenners speech for Melville, who would have easily identified the voice as that of the fictional "Stienmetz" (sic) aka Brenner).