Season 3 Episode 1

Lovely but Lethal

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1973 on NBC



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    • Columbo: They were written with a black eyebrow pencil. I spotted it right away because that's what my wife always uses when she makes out her grocery list. When she goes into her purse that's the only kind of pencil she can ever find.
      Viveca: Then you're wasting your time here, aren't you, Lieutenant?
      Columbo: What do you mean?
      Viveca: Talking to a redhead. Brunettes use black eyebrow pencil.

    • Sergeant: Hey, Lieutenant! What are you lookin' for?
      Columbo: Salt for my egg. I usually carry a shaker in my pocket.

    • Columbo: Say, Miss Scott? Can I ask you a personal question?
      Scott: Yes.
      Columbo: It's, uh, well, you know it has to do with these pictures. You always wear a beauty mark. Only, this morning you don't have it on.
      Scott: Oh, is that all? It's just one of those things I never do before lunch time, darling. Bye-bye.
      Columbo: No. What I was wondering about was, uh, how do you put those things on? I mean, do you stick 'em on or do you paint 'em on or, uh... (she just stares at him) Well, I can tell you're not interested and your mind's someplace else. Don't worry about it. I'll ask somebody else.
      Scott: Oh, no, Lieutenant. I don't mind telling you. I use an eyebrow pencil, of course. A black one.

    • Columbo: Still trying to figure out where I got my poison ivy.
      Scott: (condescendingly) Poor thing. Still worried about your itch.
      Columbo: Are you worried about yours?

    • Columbo: Where there's a microscope, there's always a slide.

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