Season 7 Episode 3

Make Me a Perfect Murder

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1978 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At approximately 5:17 in the episode there is a scene of Kay (Trish Van Devere) in the bathroom wearing only a shirt. We are looking at her legs. As she moves, the shirt rides up and there have clearly been several frames cut from the film where perhaps too much of her buttocks were revealed (well, too much for prime time 1978, anyway).

    • when Kay Freestone is alone in lift after seeing gun on roof, she uses bent metal rod to pull gun over edge. while gun is balancing on edge camera shots swap from Kay to gun and every time gun is in different place.

  • Quotes

    • Columbo: In those days everything was bad for your eyes. Not wearing mittens was bad for your eyes. Wearing rubbers in the house, that would strike you blind right on the spot.

    • Columbo: Either there was no motive at all like in those crazy kind of murders that you read about in the newspaper. Or there was a very good motive, one that makes terrific sense. And that's what keeps going around in my mind-- motive.

    • Columbo: Well, there's something that I don't understand, ma'am, and maybe I should. Uh, I probably should. Lord knows I'm not the brightest guy on the force. Another detective, he could cut right through this.

  • Notes

    • The director of this episode, James Frawley, appears as Roark, the man in the fictional movie "The Professional" that Kay is working on, clips of which are shown several times throughout the episode.

    • 94 minutes long

    • This is the second and final appearance by Patrick O'Neal on Columbo. His first appearance was in Season One's "Blueprint For Murder" in which he played architect Mr. Markham, the murderer.

    • Bruce Kirby, who appears in this episode as a TV repairman, appeared in a total of eight Columbos, but in most cases as a detective sergeant.

    • Introduced in this episode is the fact that Columbo had five brothers and one sister when growing up.

  • Allusions

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