Season 7 Episode 2

Murder under Glass

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1978 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Columbo shows Paul Gerard Vittorio's appointment book, you can see that the exclamation marks near "M.Choy & M.Duvall" have been added in pencil, the rest of the entry being in ink. There appears to be a small exclamation mark beside "Duvall" in ink that was edged in, but it's not very clear, which probably led to the pencil additions.

    • Food critic Paul Gerard tells Columbo that Mary Choy owns "The House of Choy." But the sign on her restaurant reads, House of Shanghai. MaureenAbato

  • Quotes

    • Paul Gerard: You're a very able man, Lieutenant. I respect that. But I really don't care for you very much.
      Columbo: You know, sir, I was thinking the same thing about you. I respect your talent. But I don't like anything else about you.

    • Paul Gerard: What makes you think Vittorio was in some sort of trouble?
      Columbo: Mainly because he was murdered, sir. The two, trouble and murder, they seem to go together. At least that's been my experience, sir.

    • Mr Ozu : Tell me, Lieutentant, do you have a suspect yet?

      Columbo: Oh, I have my eye on someone... (Casually glancing over at Paul Gerard.)

    • (Columbo had previously opened a fortune cookie with a message that read, "Cheer up. There is more than one fish in the sea.")

      Columbo: Oh, one more thing. Gee, I almost forgot what I came here to ask you.

      Paul Gerard: Fortunately you remembered.

      Columbo: As you're an expert on restaurants, sir, I wanted to ask you. Do you know anything about the Restaurant Developers Association?

      Gerard: I don't know anything about it, Lieutenant. I've never heard of it. (turning to Eve) Have you?

      Eve: No. No, Lieutenant, I'm sorry.

      Columbo: Well, that's alright, ma'am. As the Chinese say, "There's more than one fish in the sea."

    • (Eve Plummer answers the door)

      Columbo: Good Evening, Ma'am. My name is Lt. Columbo, Homicide. I'd like to speak to Paul Gerard. Is he home?

      Eve: I'm not sure.

      Columbo: Is it a big house or is he just out to the police?

    • Paul Gerard: When did you first suspect me?

      Columbo: Well, after it happened, sir, about two minutes after I met you.

      Gerard: That can't be possible.

      Columbo: Oh, you made it perfectly clear, sir, the very first night when you decided to come to the restaurant directly after you were informed that Vittorio was poisoned.

      Gerard: I was instructed to come here by the police.

      Columbo: And you came, sir.

      Gerard: Yes.

      Columbo: After eating dinner with a man that had been poisoned. You didn't go to a doctor. You came because the police instructed you. You didn't go to a hospital. You didn't even ask to have your stomach pumped. Mr. Gerard, that's the damnedest example of good citizenship I've ever seen.

  • Notes

    • 70 minutes long

    • This episode has been run in both 90 minute and 120 minute versions. The 90 minute version is currently shown on Bravo. Bits of dialog and business are trimed away in the 90 minute version, the most obvious being the montage of exotic foods being presented to Columbo at the banquet dinner to an orchestrial version of Columbo's theme song "This Old Man"

    • 90 minutes long.

  • Allusions

    • The title "Murder Under Glass" borrows from the famous dish "Pheasant under glass". This classic entrée, rarely served anymore, consists of roasted pheasant stuffed with rice and mushrooms and served under a dome of glass to ensure that it remains moist.

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